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Book Reviews

These pages contain my own reviews on MGTD related books that I have in my collection. This is a rather small list and is specific to books that deal with the MGTD. These reviews are my own personal observations and likes about these books as they pertain to information about the MGTD. If a publication is disliked by me, you may find it of great value. Also I do not attempt to evaluate these books on anything more than the information they provide specifically to an MGTD owner, especially in the interest of originality or restoration value.

T-Series Complete Story

Ratings: Original Content/Pictures/Value
MG T-Series The Complete Story by Graham Robson; The Crowood Press, 1998.

A fairly good overview of the entire T series line of cars. Most of the book is dedicated to the pre TD cars. Interestingly enough the author chooses as his favorite car, the MGTF. Sounds like an MGA fan to me. There are a number of MGTD pictures. The sources are not cited but they do look like factory photos when you look at details such as the tires. Most of these are available in other publications as well but here the quality is much better. This book does provide some insight into the overall history of the T-Series and gives a perspective of where the TD fits into its' family. There is also a good write-up of how the MGTD came about. This book makes for good reading about the MGTD but I wished it had more information useful to someone who is restoring the MGTD. A good addition to your library but not the first book you should obtain.

Original MG T Series

Ratings: Original Content/Pictures/Value
Original MG T Series, A Restorers Guide to MG TA, TB, TC, TD and TF; Anders Ditlev Clausager, Published by MBI Publishing Company, 1989

Overall this is one of the best books on the MGTD you will find. If I had to give up all my other books this would be the one to keep. While the pictures are all photographically beautiful, they are of restored cars, some questionably. Throughout the text the author keeps reminding us that we should not pay attention to the picture as the car has been altered, is using non original parts, etc. Anders is the Archivist for the British Motors Industry Heritage Trust. Clearly he shows a remarkable understanding of the MGTD originality, or at least has access to the information. This book is of great value to the person who is trying to restore their MGTD to original. It would score a A+ if it only included original pictures and sales literature. That is hopefully planned for a future book.

MG World 75

Ratings: Original Content/Pictures/Value
MG World/75, Edited by Richard L. Knudson and John M. Lavery, MG World/75, 1976

While this book is most likely unavailable, it does bear a review in case you see one at an auction or used book store. This is an overview of things MG in 1975 around the world. At that time there were a number of events MG the world over that made interesting news. In the MGTD area you will find many pictures of restored cars at events, some factory photos and brochures. There are a few pictures in this book that I have not seen anywhere else before. This book probably has more value to an MG enthusiast rather than someone who is trying to restore their car to original specifications, but it is worth it if you can find one.

MG Cars 1953 - 1954

Ratings: Original Content/Pictures/Value
MG Cars 1952-1954, R.M. Clarke, Brooklands Books

A compilation of period articles of roadtests, tips and techniques, and other information pertaining to MG's of the period. While there are few factory images in this publication, many time articles such as these were reproduced by Nuffield and other MG entities to be handed out in dealer showrooms. This book provides another look at what made the MGTD popular. I would highly recommend it. This is available as a paperback reprint from many sources.

MG The Book of the Car

Ratings: Original Content/Pictures/Value
MG The Book of the Car, by Anders Ditlev Clausager, Gallery Press

Less than a hundred pages overall, this large format book is dedicated to the entire MG mark. The T-Series (Chapter 6) gets about 10 pages. There are pictures of restored cars (mostly TC's and TF's). There is only one picture of a TD. The TD gets a few paragraphs devoted to it which seems to be bent on putting it in its place as a utilitarian car that sold well. Seems he missed the whole point of the TD and what went on in the United States. There were a few factory shots but nothing of the TD assembly line. If you want a coffee table book to show people you know about the MG Mark, this may fit the bill. Overall I would rather spend my money on A Restorers Guide to MG TA, TB, TC, TD and TF by the same author.

MG Sports - Auto Car Special

Ratings: Original Content/Pictures/Value
MG Sports 4-cylinder thoroughbreds from Abingdon, Auto Car, ?

This book contains reprints from Autocar magazine from 1929 to 1971. The only review that pertains to the MGTD is of the 1953 TD. It includes some pictures of an early 1953 (or late 1952; notice the placement of the windscreen wiper motor, but round taillamps) model and performance information from their road test. Also included is a 'now famous' MGTD cutaway view of a 1950 TD. It is only reproduced in black and white in this publication, although it was originally in color and was found in sales brochures of the time. Overall I would think that unless you wanted a specific review of the 1953 model, or you also found the other MG reprints interesting, you could let this one slide.

The T-Series MG

Ratings: Original Content/Pictures/Value
The 'T' Series MG, R. L. Knudson, A Motocars Unlimited Production, 1973

I loved this book because it was mostly original factory photos and brochures. These are the best types of sources for original information to the restorer. Although sometimes factory photos (especially first run models) are of prototype cars, they none the less are what the factory was portraying at the time. Used collectively, you can compare such images over time to see what might have changed, or to confirm elements that were uncertain. This would be one of the first books that I would acquire, and actually was a great help to me in the restoration of my car. I do wish that the quality of the images was a little better though.

MG 1945-1964 Photo Archive

Ratings: Original Content/Pictures/Value
MG 1945-1964 Photo Archive, David A. Knowles, Iconografix, 1996

OK. We start off with a real bang as you note what is on the cover. Well folks, as far as MGTD restoration related information, it just about stops here. This book is not T-Series friendly. All told there seems to be less than about a dozen pictures of T Types (3 plus the cover are TD's) for the 126 pages. Sure there are some rarer photos of variants and prototypes, but little of the original MGTD. As a restoration guide this is a real loser. So if you want to get a flavor of what MG was about when it was in production, then this book might be for you. As a MGTD resource, it comes up short.

MG T Series Restoration Guide

Ratings: Original Content/Pictures/Value
MG T Series Restoration Guide, Malcolm Green, Brookland Books and Motorbooks International, 1993

A well thought out book containing valuable technical information on restoring the T Series MG. This book fills many of the gaps from the workshop manual. Malcolm includes some interesting information such as the correct hole layout for the TD firewall, underdash, original radio installation diagrams, and other tidbits. Malcom has also included a few additional factory photos than is normally seen. There are some great sections on bodywork for those of you who did not buy a car from California. In short this is a real great book for anyone who is planning or in the process of restoring an MGTD. Get this one as soon as you can.

TD Restoration Manaul

Ratings:Original Content/Pictures/Value
The Complete M.G. TD Restoration Manual, Horst Schach, published by The New England MG T Register

The overall purpose of the book is to help you restore your car, but not necessarily to purely original specifications. To that end it does a good job. However there are a number of shortcuts or actual mistakes/omissions in the book that a person restoring a car to original would have issues with. So get the book and refer to the gallery of original pictures on this website to confirm or replace what the book is showing you.

Brooklands MGTD

Ratings:Original Content/Pictures/Value
Not Rated Yet
MG TD 1949-1953, Brookland Books and Motorbooks International

MG Collectibles

Ratings: Original Content/Pictures/Value
The Complete Guide to MG Collectibles, Michael Ellman-Brown, Bay View Books

This is a great book on all things that are MG collectible. While not dedicated soley to the TD there is enough TD related items in this book to make it a must have for the TD owner who also likes related collectibles. Everything from catalogs, brochures, models and toys, posters, signs, books, magazines and some photographs. Highly recommended. Originally printed in 1997, you should still be able to locate a new copy. There is an absolutely great index in the back of the book.

Gold Portfolio 1949-1955

Ratings:Original Content/Pictures/Value
MG TD-TF 1949-1955 Gold Portfolio

53 articles featuring TD Mk. II, Cooper, Lester, EX.179, 1500. Included are road tests, model introductions, racing, rebuilding, touring, sports trial, tuning, accessories, Mini manuals, specs. 172 pages, over 300 illustrations Soft Bound.

MG T Series In Detail

Ratings:Original Content/Pictures/Value
MG T Series in Detail, TA/TF 1935-55; Paddy Williams

This book covers the entire T series line from 1935 to the end of production of the MGTF. There is not a lot of new information on the TD in this hardcover book but the quality is good and some of the pictures are of reasonably restored cars. Chapter 5 is dedicated to the MGTD and its variants and encompasses 26 pages.

Ratings:Original Content/Pictures/Value
MG's Abingdon Factory; Brian Moylan

This paperback book covers the MG Factory at Abingdon. Most of the book is on the modern cars and covers much of the behind the scenes activities outside of the production of the cars. There are just a few pages dedicated to the MGTD and you have seen all of the pictures before in many other publications. All in all its a worthwhile book to add to a dedicated collection but not one of the first books I would purchase.

MG T Series In Detail

Ratings:Original Content/Pictures/Value
"MG - Aus Liebe zum Sportwagen" ("MG - For the love of sportscars") written by Hagen Nyncke and Halwart Schrader

Mr Nyncke is a German expert on MG. The book was published in 1999 by Rover Deutschland GmbH and is written in German. It contains 225 pages featuring a comprehensive history of MG together with many beautiful pics, and with a focus on MG in Germany.

Of Special Note: The chapters about J.A. Woodhouse (importer of MG for Germany) and  "Specials made in Germany" (the story of several custom made bodies on a TD rolling chassis).

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