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Key People

A short summary of the people that were key to the developement and success of the MGTD/TF.

This list are people associated with the factory rather than independant or regional celebritries. You can find a list of United States key people in the MGTD/TF in America pages.

William Morris

William Morris and his company Morris Garages. William Morris (right) was later created as Lord Nuffield.

Cecil Kimber

In 1922, William Morris appointed Cecil Kimber as manager of the MG Car Company. Kimber was an avid motor sports enthusiast and is also credited with introducing the classic MG radiator shape, recognizable on so many cars such as the T-Series MG's.

John Thornley

In 1949 a small group of MG leaders, headed by John Thornley, got together to try to create a car that was acceptable to the North American marketplace while at the same time would limit the investment of the Nuffield Organization.

Gerald Palmer

Nuffield chief engineer Gerald Palmer.

Henry Stone

Performance tuning at the factory

Goldie Gardner

Factory driver.

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