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These pages contain thumbnails of strange and exotic items that have an MGTD flavor. Not large enough in volume to have their own page, they represent the more eclectic items that I have found. Many of these come to me from other sources, and are typical of items that you can find on the net at Ebay and other auction sites.

Background Information on the Above Items

  1. This is a prepaid phonecard from Japan featuring a MGTD classic car.
  2. A crunched US penny in the form of an MGTD.
  3. This is a mug by Glasbake featuring an MG TD with the MG Logo.
  4. Coke advertisment with an MGTD, dated 1954
  5. Auctioned on eBay
  6. Available from and sons
  7. Used by a company in the Netherlands to promote their products.The family travelled around in their MG TD. Featured on eBay.
  8. Arnolt patch made by TA Terry. He may have a few spare.
  9. Blueprint provided by Robb Nortier of
  10. TD Clock from e-Bay
  11. TD Cuff Link e-Bay
  12. Lobby card poster print of the 1954 movie Drive A Crooked Road, eBay
  13. Green TD lapel pin
  14. Period Coke ad
  15. Montana vanity license plate - MG TD; e-Bay
  16. MG dealers showroom window banner to advertise the launch of the MGTD.Measures approx.60" x 20"
  17. Tom Lange - Blown number 2 piston
  18. ebay
  19. ebay
  20. ebay. Autocessories Ltd. paperweight
  21. Date Bait movie poster.
  22. MGTD embroidery often showing up on ebay in various forms
  23. Andrex shock absorbers on rear of Mk II TD
  24. Mk II Fuel Lines
  25. Mk II Fuel Lines
  26. Mk II Fuel Lines
  27. Mk II Fuel Lines
  28. Mk II Fuel Lines
  29. Mk II Fuel Lines
  30. Mk II Fuel Lines
  31. Gold Seal engine replacement tags
  32. Springcot Ltd was the maker of seat springs for the TD. This was found in a owners seats.
  33. MG TD Beerstein
  34. MG Grill Cufflinks
  35. MG Tie Clasp
  36. Reproduction on left, original on right
  37. Additional engine number stamp
  38. Armstrong Shock Fluid
  39. Armstrong Shock Fluid
  40. Gold seal engine tag
  41. TD wiper motor instruction tag from replacement motor
  42. The notch on the bottom of the steering shaft is an artifact from the Model Y which had a cable at that location
  43. Plastic TD that advertises sotch whiskey
  44. A TD replica half stuck on the side of a building
  45. TD cufflinks
  46. TD wedding cake topper
  47. Still Married Productions
  48. My wife and I leaving for our honeymoon in the TD
  49. Replacement engine tag
  50. Glueks Baseball Car
  51. Early TD in production line - English PATHE video
  52. Early TD in production line left hand engine view - note double wire radiator hoses
  53. A hand made loop rug in the Safety Fast logo made by the author
  54. An MG PB Cake, but looks like a T Series

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