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Assorted Unrestored Pictures

This is a compilation of assorted pictures that may depict an original component or finish.

Note: Obviously there have been some modifications to components in many of the pictures so compare a number of pictures of different cars to insure what is absolutely correct. No one picture should be used to determine originality. In some cases I have placed a picture on this page because one or more elements of the car are orignal but knowingly, some are not.

Images 48 - 49 David Braun
Images 50-52 Colin Stafford - The TD pictures I posted are of Dave Millers car. This was at Waterford Hills Racecourse.
Images 66 - 74 Gary Malanga
Images 75 - 80 Tom Belongia - TD20445. An Mk II MGTD
Images 81 - 82 David Honness - 1951 MGTD. Note the vinyl cover on the cable to the starter motor switch.
Images 83 - 88 Matthew Magilton - TD 0268.The body plate is in the LHS footwell .
Image 89 - Joe Olson - Note the felt washer on the speedometer cable under the split washer
Image 90-91 Rod Brayshaw from NOS
Images 92-94 Late 1953 chrome headlamps with large rivets.
Image 101 Original front bumper with flat top
Image 104 John Masters
Image 106 - 107 Radiator drain - Lou Van Koningsveld

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