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Aftermarket and Dealer Add Ons

Interior Accesories

These pages contain images of period accessories for the MGTD and MGTF. Select each image to see an enlarged view.

K-L '54' Universal Heater

Manufactured by Key-Leather Co. LTD.
5, Urswick Road, London, E.9.

Above photos by Ray Lee, United Kingdom

These are the installation diagrams for the K-L Univeral Heater. They were provided by Willem van der Veer.

Key Leather A360 Heater for the MGTF

The KEY-LEATHER Company of 5, Urswick Road, LONDON E 9 was one of three suppliers of heater kits for the TF approved by the Factory (the others were Smiths – model CHS 4532 and Delaney Galley – model S1). The photographs are period ‘shots’ supplied by KL of their KL A360 model, described as “Special Heater, Defroster and Demister for M.G. TF.”


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