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This page describes the carpets for the MGTD/TF which includes detailed installation instructions and snap placement. Some of the materials for this page have been supplied by Moss Motors and I have created the instructions below using their carpet set based on originality. Much of the information provided here is for left hand drive cars. For right hand drive cars there are some minor changes with regard to the accelerator placement.

The original carpet used in the T-Series was black Karvel, which is characterized by the distinctive grain which is a feature of the material. It has been described as being ribbed, or as having corn rows. This is especially apparent when you fold a piece of carpet in half. The carpet was almost entirely unbound, which made it less expensive to produce. Originally the exposed front edge of the carpet on the cover of the handbrake cables was trimmed. The gearshift had a leather boot sewn into the tunnel carpet. Underfelt was used only on the floors and transmission tunnel, and not on the toe board or the footrest on the passenger's side. Originally the TD's did not have carpeting behind the seats. You may want to consider a loose piece of carpet on the rear deck of TD's to protect the wood that can easily be pulled out for car shows and exhibitions.

Right hand drive cars and early MGTDs had a rubber pad sewn into the carpet under the drivers feet. Later LHD cars had a sunken footwell made of rubber. These were also sewn into the carpet through a 1/16" wide channel that was a third of the way into the footwell along the outer edge (see picture to the right). Todays reproduction rubber footwells do not have this groove and most restorers just lay the footwell into a cutout of the carpet, allowing the footwell to overlap the opening hiding the rough carpet edge.

Carpet Pieces

The numerals to the left of the descriptions match the carpet items in the picture below and are used in the installation instructions that follow. The orientation describes the grain, or corn row, of the carpet. Linear orientation follows the length of the car while cross orientation is side to side, across the car.

# Description Orientation
1 Floor carpet, LH Linear
1a Padding, LH floor N/A
1b Heel mat, plain. Plain heel mat is sewn to carpet for “flat floor” or early TDs N/A
1c Heel mat for footwell, w/MG Octagon. Carpets for the later LHD cars with the footwell have a mat that drops into the metal pan that fits in the hole in the floorboards. These were sewn into carpet originally through a recess in the edge. N/A
1d Hole for steering column N/A
1e Hole for pedals N/A
2 Dipstick access cover Any
3 Front bulkhead cover Linear
4 Transmission tunnel cover Linear
4a Padding, transmission tunnel N/A
5 Passenger's side foot ramp carpet. Cross
6 Floor carpet, RH Linear
6a Padding, RH floor N/A
7 Under seat carpet, LH Linear
8 Propeller shaft cover carpet. Propeller shaft cover carpet was originally installed before the floorboards. Most people install it after the floorboards. Cross
9 Handbrake cable cover. This is backed with cardboard. The leading edge is bound - it is the only carpet edge bound originally. Linear
10 Under seat carpet, RH Linear
11 Rear bulkhead (heelboard) carpet. Originally used on TF models only, this can also be fitted to TDs. Note: For TF's you will need to provide your own interior colored vinyl for the wheelwell trim portions (shown in red below). You can remove the black vinyl supplied as that edge is tucked under the side curtain box lip. Linear


Required Fasteners

7 Lift-the-Dot snaps
2 Veltex hidden snap rings and button snap studs (optional install)
4 Lift-the-Dot woodscrew style studs
3 Lift-the-Dot machine screw style studs, nuts and lock washers (if not on the car already)
3 #10 round headed slotted woodscrews, 5/8" painted black
1 Quart tub of carpet adhesive

Installation Instructions

The following are detailed instructions on installing the carpet to original specifications. The numbers correspond to the carpet item number on the picture above.

The original carpeting was held in place with tacks, screws through the footrest and in some places Lift-the-Dot snaps. It was not intended to be removed easily but one could unsnap the carpet just in front of the seats and vacuum or sweep out debris. In order to remove the carpets in front of the seats you would have to remove the pedals on the drivers side and the footrest screws into the floorboard on the passenger side. As an option I have tailored the installation for the carpeting in the passenger seat securing it in the front with hidden snaps, making it possible to remove the carpet for cleaning, or drying if it gets wet. Unfortunately you will still need to remove at least the outboard pedal to remove the drivers carpet even though it was originally held down only with snaps.

The carpet padding is used on the tunnel and the carpet in front of the seats. It fills the void in any area that does not have two layers of carpeting on the floorboards. The carpet is glued to the padding so you can remove the padding with the carpet. To accomplish this, you will lay the pieces of padding in place and after all the carpet is in place you can apply carpet adhesive to the padding and then press the carpet down on top of the pads.

Step by Step Instructions

The following are step by step instructions for installing the carpet as original. There are a few options as the factory changed the installation around the seat runners during the production of the cars. You will have a choice on how to install the footrest during this process, either as original or in a slightly modified way.

Installing the Carpets in Front of the Seats

This section will describe how to install the carpet in front of the seats. Regardless if you have chosen an original footrest installation or the modified version, the process is the same with one small deviation regarding the attachment of the front of the passenger carpet. That will be called out within the instructions below.

Note: The pictures in this section will depict the optional footrest procedure.

Gallery of Original Carpet Pictures

The following pictures are taken of carpeting on unrestored MGTDs and MGTFs that still displayed original carpets.

Slides 1-21 MGTDs
Slides 22-45 MGTFs

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