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Lucas Detail Information

Various details of the Lucas parts on the MGTD including troubleshooting and manuals.

Lucas Spotlight Codes

Lucas Coils for the MGTD/TF

Provided by Lonnie Cook

Lucas Q12 coils were used on T-ABCDFs until November or December 1954. Painted black case, bitumen solid filled coil. Taller and smaller diameter than the LA12 coil used in later TFs. A raised "Lucas" was stamped on the body along with the month and year of production.

LA12 coils replaced Q12 coils sometime after TF7973 between late November 1954 and early January 1955. Natural aluminum case, oil filled coil. Shorter, fatter, and usually hotter to the touch than Q12 coil. "Q12" decal as on TF9052.

MGTF Coils

Lucas Battery Information

Lucas supplied the MGTD and MGTF with 12V lead batteries in a G27 form. The dimensions were 12" long, 6 ¾ wide and 9" to the top of the posts. The positive post is in the right rear. The battery cables were helmet based and the positive (ground) was metal braid while the negative cable was fabric covered and went to the starter switch where it was connected along with a lead for the rest of the car. Many times these are described as tar top batteries because of the poured, tar like substance on the top. There were lead bridges connecting the six sets of plates. Each plate set could be filled with water and acid through one of the battery caps.

There were at least three different types of caps used during the production of the MGTD and TF. The most common appears to be the cross type of cap, there were two different round caps produced as well. Some images showed a white warning label attached to the top of the battery (positive side or front) warning about overcharging the battery and having it get to hot and boiling out. This label was probably removed on most cars. It should also be noted that the batteries often did not last more than a few seasons.

See the Nitty Details page for more information on the batteries and cables.

Lucas Battery Decals for the MGTD/TF

Provided by Lonnie Cook

Lucas battery logos for your mid-century MG British car.

North America Headlamps Bulletin - December 1952

North America Flasher Bulletin - January 1953

Lucas Magneto - Advance Curve

Lucas Maintenance and Product Files

Lucas Generator and Control Box Tests

Lucas Maintenance Instructions and General Information

Lucas Overseas Technical Correspondance Course - Lead Acid Batteries - Section 1

Lucas Overseas Technical Correspondance Course - Lead Acid Batteries - Section 2

Lucas Workshop Instructions - Batteries - Models GTW & GTZ

Lucas Equipments and Spare Parts - 1953

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