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Fuel Systems Information

A series of articles and associated information on MG fuel systems by Dave DuBois, courtesy of the DuBois family.

Note: These are in the form of PDF files.

Air Leak Troubleshooting

Back Up Fuel Pump

Back Up Fuel Pump (the story)

Cleaning the Points

Fuel Delivery Troubleshooting Guide

Fuel Line Fittings

SU Fuel Pump Specifications

New SU Fuel Pump Fittings Using ‘O’ Ring Seals

SU Fuel Pump Operation

SU Fuel Pump Restoration

SU Fuel Pump Vents

SU Fuel Pumps 101

SU Fuel Pumps Facts and Myths

SU Carb information by Fred Horner

Note: These are in the form of PDF files.

SU Carburetter Date Coding on MG T Series

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