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Replacement Parts Reviews

We are greatly in debt to the many parts suppliers the world over who provide replacement parts for the MG T-Series cars that we love. Sometimes new old stock parts are still available but this is the exception. Many times an original part can be repaired to function like new again. You might also find just the part you need from a swapmeet, on-line auction, or a fellow enthusiast. When these options don't provide you with the original part that you need, you must resort to replacement parts.

Many times the replacement parts are exactly as original. In this manner one could not tell the replacement part from a new original part. Unfortunately this is not always the case. Many times a substitution from an original part is all that is available. While I understand the business economics that creating an exact original replacement may not always justify the cost, I do support any vendor that goes out of their way to create as an original part as is possible. To that end I have created this list of replacement parts that I am aware of and how they compare to the original part they are attempting to replace.

Notice to Manufacturers and Distributors: If you would like me to review a part that you have for sale for the MGTD I will be glad to do that and post my findings on this page. You must provide a production part from your regular stock, shipped to me with return shipping prepaid. I will evaluate the part without installing or using it and return it to you as it was shipped to me. I reserve the right to record my findings here as I see it, without any obligation or commitment to give the part a particular rating, or to change my rating at a later date. I will not retract or remove a rating unless the part is resubmitted to me for revue or other information is provided to me. For a snail mail address to ship a part to me:


A This grade is assigned to a part that is virtually identical to the original part it is replacing. Any additional modifications required to make it like orginal are simple.
B This grade is for a part that looks like a reasonable facsimile of the original part but there are minor differences that a reasonably knowledgable enthusiast would notice from the original and that is not easy to change.
C The assignment is for a part that looks similar to the original part but is clearly different upon immediate inspection.
D This classification is assigned to a part that functions in an equivalent manner to the original but does not look original at all.
F This assignment is for a part that does not function or look like the original part that it is attempting to replace. You would have to modify your car in order to use this part.

Note: This list is a compilation of parts from various vendors that I am aware of. Since my own car does not use many parts my experience is limited. Therefore I have also combined comments from other parties in this list as reported to me. In addition parts are commonly in various states of supply. Sometimes a vendor will carry a particular part but at times may have to substitute a part that is functionally equivalent but not as original so the owner can continue to operate their vehicle. In this case I would suggest that you always inquire as to the originality of a replacement part before ordering. Because of this fact, this list may not reflect the current status of a particular part by that vendor. In addition no judgement should be made as to a particular vendors compliance to originality because of the number or types of entries in this list.

Part Grade Number Vendor Comment
Ignition Coil B+ 143-210 Moss Motors A good replacement for the original coil. My part was marked 9-48 for the date and the bottom end did not match the rolled edge of the original. It also did not sport the Lucas name.
Tools and Tool Roll A-   The In-Point While I have not seen these parts in person, the pictures do represent a reasonable replacement of the original tools. The tool roll may not be completely appropriate for the MGTD though. I prefer their MGA tool rolls for later TD's.
MGA Tool Roll A   The In-Point For later TD's (late 52 and 53), the MGA tool roll may be a better replacement than the Inpoints standard TD/TC roll.
Battery A   Abingdon Spares A great replacement for the original battery even down to the ventilated caps. A new version is now sealed for no maintenance.
Battery C 459-400 Moss Motors This battery had the same dimensions and was made of similar material but did not have the correct top, lugs, and was embossed with the Moss Logo.
Hood Latch Handles A-   Moss Motors A good imitation for the handle but they came with American nuts and threads. You will need to rethread these for BSF and add your own original nuts.
Original style luggage rack C 244-500
61 003A
Moss Motors
Abingdon Spares
While similar to the original factory rack there are three deviations. One is the addition of a bar at the top front that helps keep the luggage from moving forward during hard stops. This was not on the original rack. A minor but noticeable deviation is the elimination of two small loops in the rear bar that accommodated a belt or strap for securing the luggage. In addition the rack is made from a much lighter material than the original.
Steering wheel center and medallion A 262-340 Moss Motors This part is essentially indistinguishable from the original. The only question comes from the color. It is finished in the widely accepted lighter tan color.
Windscreen wiper arms A 735110
Abingdon Spares A good replacement part that is hard to tell from the original. May want to have plated for a more uniform look as some parts are plated brass and others stainless steel.
Front and Rear Bumpers B   Moss Motors
Abingdon Spares
These bumpers are similar to the original but not quite exact. Upon closer inspection you would notice that the profile on the original bumper has a shelf on the top side or more projection. These replacement bumpers have the same projection on the top as the bottom. Since it is almost impossible to find a perfect original bumper in existence today I would probably expect that in a few years no one, including an expert, would be able to notice.
Bumper Overrider A-   Moss Motors
Abingdon Spares
These overriders generally appear as original. I have noticed that they are a bit wider at the top than original overriders. At this point you would have to compare an original overrider with the reproduction to notice.
Rubber Footwell B   Moss Motors; Abingdon Spares While this part is close to the original they forgot one important aspect. The original footwell was sewn into the carpet through a recess in the outer edge. This version does not have the recess.
Toolbox Felt B 456-420 Moss Motors While the correct color the texture has a woven pattern to it rather than the traditional smooth felt like texture. Note this was in 2005. Check with them to see if they have fixed this.
Toolbox Felt A ASL5798 Abingdon Spares This has now been perfected and is a very reasonable representation of the original felt in color and texture
Dash Light Rheostat C 145-900 Moss Motors The original rheostat was replaced by Lucas over 30 years ago with a model that has an extended knob. The original knob had a plain face and was about ½ inch long. The replacement is about 1 inch long and has an arrow on the face.
Socket Set A 142-800 Moss Motors Looks like an exact replacement for the original dash plugs.
Radiator Webbing B 280-010 Moss Motors; Abingdon Spares Much thicker than original and different texture. The original was very thin (approx. 1/16 inch) and had a pebbled texture to the webbing.
Windshield L/R Uprights A 408-230
Moss Motors Similar to the originals at first inspection. One thing to look out for is to make sure that the castings you receive are symetrical. Mine were not. Might want to insist during the order that they are the same or you will charge them return shipping.
Starter Switch C NA Lucas Similar to the originals case. The new units use white nylon as an insulator and use non Whitworth nuts to attach the cables.
Bumper Bolts B 322-900 Moss Motors Chrome bumper carriage bolt looks like an orignal except the threads and nut are not BSF.
Battery Box B 451-665 Moss Motors Moss did a reasonal job on a replacement battery box with the exception of two items. They placed the buffer holes in the wrong place and more importantly the lip they created at the top is all wrong. They made a continous 1/4" straight lip versus a lip that starts at 1/4" at each end and bows out to 7/16" in the center.
Hood Handles A- 406-840
Moss Motors; Abingdon Spares These are good reproductions but they did not use BSF threads and bolts so get yourself some BSF nuts and a 1/4" BSF die to rethread the handles.
Engine Stabilizer A- 411-050 Moss Motors Overall a pretty reasonable replacement. The only real flaw I can find is that the castle bolts are a bit oversized from the original. You will need to paint the entire assembly black.
Rubber Terminal Boot A 37 054a Abingdon Spares A perfect match for the originals
Thermostat Grommet B 63 053a Abingdon Spares Solid but not rounded as it should be. You could round the edges slightly to improve it.
Wire and brake chassis clips A 326-326 Moss Motors Very pricy but worth every penny. Probably even better than new.
Gear shift knob A 228-290 Moss Motors It even has a slight patina on it that makes it look original.
Brake and wire strap - large A- 181-900 Moss Motors Not sure what they have coated it with but if you are going to paint it black, its ready to go. Its not silver (cad) but a gray coating. Note its not a paint so you cannot remove it. Might want to file one side as mine were as sharp as a serrated knife.
Hood corners A- 281-118 Moss Motors Moss does not provide you with either washer but they do supply the correct split rivet
Hood corners B 43 037 Abingdon Spares

Abingdon Spares puts their intials on the outside of the buffer. They supply the wrong rivets but do give you the inside washer.

Bonnet Rest Rubber A AAA747 Brown & Gammons A nice profile unlike the other suppliers whose cutout is too radical

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