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Radiomobile Manuals

An optional accessory for the MGTD was a mobile radio called the Radiomobile 100. This was made by His Master's Voice. The tuner and speaker was installed in the glovebox and the tube amplifier was mounted under the scuttle. The radio was mounted just forward of the passenger door on the outside.

There is a good article from Hemmings on the Radiomobile's.

User Manual

These are pages from the installation manual. I am still looking for the remaining pages if you can help.

The model 100 was on the market from 1948 to 1951 and was replaced in 1951 by model 4100. In that case, for the purist, if the car is around 1952 or later then the correct model is the 4100, if not then the model 100 should be used. John Scragg.

Repair Manual

These pages were provided by John Scragg.

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