101 Lakes Challenge

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101 Lakes Challenge

The 101 Lakes Challenge enables you to participate in a club event regardless of where you live in the nation, indeed the world. This event is especially suitable if you live some distance away from a regional club, or simply find it difficult to attend a scheduled, organized gathering.

Participants in the "101 Lakes Challenge" are required to visit 101 lakes of their own choosing, and at their own pace. Although isolated, they can still feel a part of a national event. Gone are those aimless summer evening drives -- you have a genuine reason to "take the car out for a spin!" Whether alone or with a fellow enthusiast you are involved in a club activity -- think of it as a club event by correspondence! As each lake is visited, the date, name and location is entered in the logbook provided to participants. Each visit must be documented with a photograph of the car alongside a sign identifying the lake, and at least one photograph must include the driver.

Members of the 101 Lakes British Motor Club are automatically registered for the "Challenge," and non-members pay a nominal $5.00 registration fee. Those who complete the "Challenge" receive a dash plaque recording their successful participation (and have a lot of fun!) Please contact Philip Morgan for a registration package. The 101 Lakes British Motor Club is based in north-east Indiana.

Contact: Philip Morgan <padre@howenet.com>
Tel: 219-562-2703

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