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Trade a Corvette for an MGA?

Ok!, so you own this real nice '84 Corvette, but what you really want, is an MGA!, just like the one your uncle used to own.

What do you do?

Place an ad on The MG Enthusiasts Classified pages, that's what.

And that is just what William Eastman did last autumn:

The first sports car I ever rode in was my Uncle's Iris Blue MGA and I have wanted one ever since. Last fall the right opportunity appeared at the right time. This is the second MG that I have owned, the first was a 70 MGB Touring when I was 16 until I went to college.

"I found the car and negotiated the purchase over the Internet."

I put an add on the MG Enthusiasts page that I would trade my '84 Corvette for an MGA 1600 and a person in Kansas took me up on the offer. We both drove to Des Moines, Iowa which is about half way between and traded cars.

The car is registered as a 1961 although by serial number it could be a late 1960. I live in Maple Grove, Minnesota (a suburb of Minneapolis). The previous owner took the pictures, somewhere in Kansas and gave them to me when I bought the car.

The car has 72,000 miles on it.
The body and interior have been redone but the mechanicals are original. The car was Old English White but now is Rosa Red which is a Ferrari color.

I am presently going through and replacing old rubber parts on the car. I am cleaning and repainting the parts that I am taking off but I am by no means doing a restoration.

Other than driving it home, I have only put about 25 miles on the car. I am looking forward to Spring!

Owner: William Eastman......william.eastman@medtronic.com

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