The MG Car Club Moss International Speed Championship

Dear competitor

Thank you for your interest in the MG Car Club Moss International Speed Championship. Now in its 9th year, the speed championship aims to provide club members with a low cost motor sport forum, in which their cars are competitive. By providing classes for all models of MG (and AH Sprites) with progressive modifications allowed, and with the emphasis on friendly competition, we hope to encourage more club members into affordable motorsport.

If you are new to speed events, or a seasoned campaigner, we believe there will be something for you in the Moss NORWESTER. The Standard classes offer a relatively inexpensive entry into motorsport, the Modified classes an opportunity to compete against like-minded club members where the emphasis is on driver ability, not on sponsors' budget.

In 1998 the championship will be contested over two separate series, based predominantly in either the North or South of the country, but with some overlap in events. Each series has its own title trophy, and drivers may compete in either or both series, with the higher scoring driver of the two individual series winners being declared the 1998 MG Car Club Speed Champion.

Full calendars for both series are given below and if you choose to join us, we are sure you will find it rewarding and we look forward to seeing you in 1998's events.

 Series Co-ordinator: Jim Garvey, "Beechcourt", 394 New Street, Biddulph Moor, Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire. Telephone 01782 522902 (home) or 01565 650000 ext. 3820 (business).
Northern Series
Southern Series
Date Event Date Event
    22.03.98 North Weald Sprint
05.04.98 Curborough Sprint    
18.04.98 Harewood Hillclimb 18.04.98 Lydden Hill Sprint
04.05.98 Olivers Mount Hillclimb 04.05.98 Colerne Sprint
09.05.98 Loton Park Hillclimb 09.05.98 Loton Park Hillclimb
17.05.98 Donnington Park Sprint 16 & 17.05.98 Shelsley Walsh Hillclimb
30.05.98 MIRA Sprint 30.05.98 Goodwood Sprint
    14.06.98 Gurston Down Hillclimb
21.06.98 Silverstone Sprint 21.06.98 Silverstone Sprint
27 & 28.06.98 Prescott Hillclimb 27 & 28.06.98 Prescott Hillclimb
12.07.98 Anglesey Sprint    
19.07.98 Loton Park Hillclimb    
    26.07.98 Llys-y-Fran Hillclimb
02.08.98 Curborough Sprint 02.08.98 Curborough Sprint
    15.08.98 Pestalozzi Village Hillclimb
16.08.98 3 Sisters Sprint    
06.09.98 Anglesey Sprint    
13.09.98 Scammonden Dam Hillclimb 13.09.98 Abingdon Sprint 
    19.09.98 Wiscombe Park Hillclimb
04.10.98 Baitings Dam Hillclimb    
    17.10.98 Castle Combe Sprint
    25.10.98 Wroughton Sprint


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