Pictures from Silverstone (June 1996)

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I have been out with my camera..

MG TF exterior Danish Centre West
MG TF interior Danish Centre West
Five laps for a fiver
Magnette and Farina
1936 MG Magnette NB Interior Holland
1939 SA/WA with Special Swiss Body
1934 K3 (3026)
1960 MGA 1600 Engine Daphne & Barry Bahnisch, Adelaide, South Australia
1960 MGA 1600 Interior Daphne & Barry Bahnisch, Adelaide, South Australia
1972 MGB my transport for the day
1980 MGB GT Limited Edition
RV8 line up
RV8 interior
RV8 exterior
MGF N1PPY Owners enjoying the sun :)

and a brief resume of the weekend as seen by John Thomas who frequents the MGF BBS

From: John Thomas, Bath on 3/6/1996 11:26

At my age short term memory is not what it was so I thought I'd better jot this lot down quickly :-)

Some memorable moments: -

Caroline disappearing for ages with Gerry McGovern. She said it was for a 'test drive' in a VVC - hmm :-)

Graeme's liking for neat Vodka and taking pictures of us. I'll pay for the negatives Graeme - don't publish :-)

The smiles on the faces of Em (Emilly, Zarah' friend) and Jez (Jeremy BGT mate of Graeme) after they'd driven Zarah's and Graeme's Fs respectively six times round the circiut.

The fun of driving behind Don Kettleborough in the racing F on his racing line round the circuit and the look of concern on Sheila's face throughout.

Mild amusement that Don got stuffed by midgets in the racing :-)

The disappointment on Mark (Richardsons') face when in the provisional Autotest results they said he'd retired at half time when he hadn't. He'd left Southampton at 5am to get up in time for scrutineering.

The fun of ferrying Em & Zarah between tests - you can get 3 in an F if you sit one on the back :-)

My disappointment at only coming second in Class in the Autotest.

Richard (Brown) a vegetarian with a VEG number plate - by accident.

Michael Wood bringing his one day old VVC up from Exeter.

Admiration for Mike Satur's leather interior trim etc - IMHO much nicer than Rover's - he did one car out on the Saturday and it looked gorgeous.

The Rover Air Display Team - wow!!

Stephen Cox(?) MGF business manager recounting how a customer barrel rolled an F and walked away unhurt. Modern business managers do know more than just spreadsheets - well he knows a bit about leaks as well :-)
(Hi guys - when are you 'coming out' :-)

Getting a starter for my TF for a fiver.

Wondering if I should have bought my F from Priest's of Chesham who really looked after their customers with hospitality area, barbeque, free entry to Autotests & Gymkhana etc (Only kidding Paul, honestly, Wicliffe are wonderful)

Relief at being able to let Sheila drive me home on Sunday as I was completely knackered.

In conclusion:

Thanks to Julia and all the MGCC people for their hardwork behind the scenes.

"It lives - do you?" abso-blooming-lutely mate!

We'd never have had so much fun if we hadn't bought MGs, Em say's she's going to buy an MGB now - hooray!!

Finally thanks Cecil! (Mr Kimber, the man who started it all in 1926)


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