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Improvements to the Classifieds for Europeans

I received this mail today:

Date: Fri, 19 Jul 1996 10:49:42 +0200
From: Magnus Hjert
Organization: Tidningshuset MalmR-KRpenhamn AB
Subject: Changes for the classifieds, perhaps?

I have a small suggestion about the classifieds. This is probably a problem that concerns people in countries where MGs are not as common as they are in the UK. We have 600 MGBs in Sweden, compared to your 50.000!

I would like my classifieds to appear all over Europe. It's very hard to find speciality items in Sweden, so I sign my adverts: "Magnus Hjert, Malmo, United Kingdom" in order for them to show up for the British web-surfers. The UK is only 15 hours away, Germany 3 hours and Denmark 55 minutes, if I really need something, and the whole of Europe only a few days away by snail mail.
It's supposed to be a European Union, right? :-)

Would it be at all possible to add "Europe" to the list of locations, so that adverts appear with everyone in Europe who checks the adverts?

My chances of finding "personalised adverts" for the specific things I need is very small. For instance, I'm now searching for an original speaker grille for the console of my -67 roadster. Not many of those are just lying around in old Swedish barns and garages! :-)

-- Best regards


My feeling is that this is a very valid point and so I have changed the application to allow a search across all European countries.

I hope that this new feature is helpful and welcome any other comments like this.

Mike Plumstead

Try it NOW and see if it is an improvement.

Update 24/7/96 - Magnus agrees!

Date: Tue, 23 Jul 1996 22:58:22 +0200
From: Magnus Hjert
Organization: Tidningshuset Malm-Kpenhamn AB
To: Mike Plumstead
Subject: Re: Changes for the classifieds, perhaps?
I have now tried your implementation, and the verdict still stands:
In fact it's even smoother than the suggestion I had.
These things happen :-)

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