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V8 Roadster Blown Out of All Proportion !

While 'surfing' the magazine rack at the local newagent I discovered a relatively new magazine called 'Revs'. It's fair to say it's not what the average MG enthusiast would pickup. But this months edition has three separate features on MG's. It is the roadster I am going to concentrate on. My headline suggest that this may be supercharged, in fact it's a 235bhp Turbocharged V8, but I thought why waste a good headline !

It would be unfair to reproduce the full article while still on sale, but for just a taster I have reproduced the specifications.

3.51 Rover V8, 8.1:1 CR Land Rover pistons, Real Steel crankshaft, blue-printed polished head. Janspeed turbo conversion, Holley 390 carb 2 1/2in exhaust with cherry bomb

Standard Rover 5-speed SDI box and clutch. MGB V8 propshaft with heavy duty UJ. MGB V8 axle and diff.

( Front) 2in lower 660lb springs, uprated dampers, Nylatron bushes, 1in front anti-roll bar. (Rear) 1in lower leaf springs, uprated dampers.

Peugeot 405 front discs, Austin Princess four-pot calipers. Standard MGB V8 rear drums.

Minilite style 8x15in.

(Front) Goodyear 215/50x15 (Rear) Goodyear 225/50x15

Carbon-Fibre dashboard and door surrounds, leather seats, Momo steering wheel and gearknob, Luke four-point harness.

( In Bright Yellow ) Sebring arch and valence kit, Metro bonnet vents, de-seamed door handles, boot-lid and hood-clips removed

ICE: (In car entertaiment )
None fitted- just listen to that engine !

235bhp with 5psi boost, 0-60 in 6.0 seconds, top speed 140mph-owners estimate.

Two companies specialise in this type of work:

A guide to V8 conversions is published at this site.

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