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Jeff Zorn
1959 MGA

Jeff says, "My love for MGA's dates back to 1959 when my cousin in New Jersey bought one as a daily driver.  Owning one was my dream and finally in 1968 I almost fulfilled it.  But alas MGA's were no longer made, so I settled for a new 1968 MGB.  I enjoyed this car for about 4 years and many long trips, but had to sell it for something more "practical." The love for MGA's was always in my system and finally in the summer of 1995 I found a wonderful 1500.

"Emmy" and I were good friends for about 3 years, when I sold her to another NAMGAR member and purchased "Emmy Too" pictured above.

This 1600 was restored a couple of years ago by another Michigan Rowdie and, since he was restoring a "new" Mk II and did not need two MGA's, I was lucky enough to convince him that I would give her "a good home."

The picture at top right shows Jeff receiving 3rd place award for an MGA 1600 at the Regional GT in Grand Bend, Ontario, July '99.


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