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Register your MG Y Type

The registration of cars and the establishment of a photographic record is more important for the Y-Type than for any of the other post war MG models. Production Records were not retained when the MG Car Company closed down and whereas the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust (B.M.I.H.T.) can give you precise individual production history and ex-works specification for cars such as the MG MGB, this information is, sadly, not available for the Y-Type. We hold the world's largest single database of all registers pertaining to the MG Y Type with over 3,100 of the 8,336 cars ever made and growing constantly. Not only is this information useful for providing provenance to your car, it is also used by the International MG Y Type Register for research into the MG Y Type history and development too. Indeed much useful and new knowledge has come from this valuable source.

If you have a 'Y' which you think, or know for sure, may not be included in our listings, please contact the Registrar and tell us know about it.  We aim to compile as complete a register of the vehicles originally built by the MG factory, as is possible. The International MG Y Type Register has already built up an impressive photographic record of cars which can be found on our Ys on Parade pages and you can elect on this on line form to add your car to them. 

We would also like to hear from former 'Y' owners who have sold the car (or even you scrapped it). Why not check to see if 'your' old car is there. Current owners are always interested in collecting more information on the past history of their vehicles. 

There are two ways to Register your Y.  You can either:

Please complete theon-line form below and then submit it (press the button).

or ... ===>

pdf.gif (344 bytes)

Download a survey form in Acrobat Printable Document Format (PDF).

Click on the PDF icon (left) to download a form and then either,

i) Fax the completed form to the Registrar via +1 360 249 3776 or

ii) After printing off and completing the details on the form, you can retype them into an email and send it to the Registrar by clicking here.

To read the file you will need to have Acrobat Reader installed onto your PC.

getacro.gif (712 bytes)If you do not have the FREE Adobe Acrobat reader, you can download it by clicking on the icon to the right here.

Name: Today's date: dd/mm/yyyy
Address1: Address2:
Address3: Address4:
City/Town: County / State:
Post/Zip Code: Country:
Telephone No: Email:
Clubs I belong to:
Model: (YA, YB, YT) Licence Plate:
Chassis No (also called Car Number on the plate):

Click on picture to open and see location for these numbers.  This plate is normally on the left side of the battery box.

Body Plate No:

(B281 MG nnnn / nnnn on Ys and YBs, B282 MG nnnn / nnnn on YTs)

Click on picture to open and see location for these numbers.  This plate is normally on the left side of the firewall by the Jackall pump.

Nuffield Metal Products No:

Please supply the full stamped number and the embossed letters and numbers.

MG Y and YB only.  Click on picture to open and see location for these numbers.  This plate is normally on the top left side of the firewall. This plate was not fitted to the MG Y/T.

Engine No:

For location see picture in Chassis number

Date of first registration if known:  dd/mm/yyyy



Interior Trim Colour:

Modifications (if any):


Do you have any particular technical problems or require any particular spares at this time?

Ys on Parade


  *If you select Yes, you will be required to attach a picture and text below.

My picture is attached as:

Browse your computer to find the location of the file, then click "open" to add it into the box.  

(Minimum recommended size 4 inches wide and 300 pixels per inch resolution.  Maximum file size is 10 megabytes.  If you are unable to resize your photograph below 5 megabytes, attach it and to this form and send it anyway, then send the file by regular email to me as well at webmast@mgytypes.org. Thank you).

Text to accompany my entry to Ys on Parade:


No, please do not add my car to Ys on Parade at this time

If you have any spares for sale - please use the Classified Advertisement Service provided on the website.  You will need to create a login account, with a user name and password.  This will be unique to yourself and solely accessible by you so please make a note of your choices.  This login will also provide you with access to post to the Bulletin Board Service on MG Y Types or any other topic area.  Your Classified Advertisement will reach a world-wide audience within 15 minutes of your posting, but will require separate registration as this is maintained by a separate provider who subscribes to our Privacy policy.