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This page contains links to other Y Type related sites. If you would like to submit your site to the Webmaster for listing here, send an email via the hyperlink. Your site will then be visited, evaluated, and may then be listed. If you change your URL, or find a broken link listed here, please advise the webmaster too.  NB, these links will not necessarily be sorted into any particular alphabetic order. Inclusion in the Suppliers section does not necessarily mean that the International MG Y Type Register endorses the use of a particular supplier. Please mention the website when you contact a supplier.

Links in blue are hyperlinked to the website of the supplier and suppliers are listed alphabetically in each section. Please visit their sites for full address details.

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Body Panels

Bonnet Catches

Boot Hinges and Latches

Brake / Friction Systems

Cables - Hand brake, Clutch, Speedometer and Tachometer

Camshaft Regrinds

Carburettor Rebuilds

Carpet Sets

Chrome Plating

Coachwork and Upholstery

Crank Handle Support Bracket

Dashboards, floorboards, boot floors and veneers etc

Distributor rebuilds

Electrical / Instruments / Wiring

Fuel Systems including fuel tank restoration

Gearbox / Transmission rebuilders

General and Service Parts

Half Shafts YA/YT

Halogen Light Bulbs

Hardware - nuts, bolts etc.

Instrument Repairs

Jackall Systems

Number (Licence) Plates / Panels

Paint Formulas

Other Miscellaneous

Performance Equipment

Shock Absorber (Damper) Repairers

Springs and Suspension

Steering Wheel Restoration


Upholstery and Coachwork

Vehicle Restorers

Wiper motor rebuilds

XPAG Water Pumps


Y Type Tools

MG Y Types on the move