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NB. Only pages shown as hyperlinked are available as this section of the site is a "work in progress". Please be patient while we add pages as this is a very long, slow, and very laborious process. The presence of a part number for a vendor is no guarantee of availability. Also, while every care has been taken to ensure we have the correct part number, errors may have creped in so if you find any, please let the webmaster know.



These pages are taken from the Illustrated List of Service Parts for the MG One and a Quarter Litre as originally published for the MG Car Company Limited by The Nuffield Press. Alongside the original MG part numbers are cross reference numbers to NTG, Moss Europe, and Moss USA. While every care has been taken to ensure accuracy of the cross referenced part numbers it may be that errors could have been introduced. If you come across any such errors, please advise the webmaster.