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The contents of the searches found on this page may, or may not, be suitable for use with your MG Y Type. Periodically the search terms and criteria we use to pull these items from eBay's site may bring up items that are not appropriate. The inclusion of an item on this list does not constitute an endorsement of the item by the International MG Y Type Register. Please ensure you know the suitability of an item for your car before you commit to bidding or buying. If you find an erroneous item please contact the Webmaster and copy the eBay listing into the body of the email. We will then try to filter in an exclusion for the item.


EBay spans over 23 countries and this page now currently searches many of these countries. Consequently, it may take a while to load or refresh.


At the top of the panel there is a filter by country. The search engine searches all of eBay and the countries listed are those countries in which an item is located. When a new country has an item, it will show up as automatically checked. Once the item ends on eBay and there are no more items from that country, the country will automatically disappear. If you do not want to see items located in a particular country, uncheck the box. The page is listed by items ending soonest. The page will automatically refresh every two hours to show the current remaining time on each item.