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Service Tools

for use in the MG Series Y

click here for Original tools for the MG Y — Part 1
click here for Original tools for the MG Y — Part 2


Various special tools were specified for servicing the MG Y Type. Some of these were common to the MG Y, the Y/T and the YB, while others were specifically only required on one model. Unless otherwise specified, these were common to all. Most, but not all of these are documented in Section S of the workshop manuals.

Part number are confusing. The T. part numbers are the Nuffield Group part numbers prior to the 1953 merger into the BMC group. In some cases, with the introduction of the MG YB in 1952 these were revised to full numeric numbers only (no alpha characters. The 18G. part numbers here are the BMC part number codes post merger. Actual engineering drawings for certain of these tools can be found in both the MG Y and Y/T Workshop Manual and the MG YB Workshop Manual enabling them to be remanufactured by a competent tool maker. Both of these workshop manuals are available in electronic form on CD along with many other useful manuals and service books (as well as Let there be Ys by David Lawrence and MG Y Saloons and Tourers by John Lawson) from YZ Publications.