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Y Type Colour Schemes

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There are no indication or VIN (Vehicle Identification Numbers) included on Y Types to give any clue as to what the original paint scheme was for your car. However, often a good guide to the original paint colour of the body can be gained by removing the voltage regulator or the small circular junction box on the engine bulkhead as these were probably not removed in the course of a respray. Alternately, if you have already embarked on a strip down and do not mind chipping away at the layers of paint, the edges of doors also often receive little in the way of attention on resprays too. Failing that, here are some notes on the colour schemes employed that hopefully will be of some assistance to you.

The MG YT was available in approximately the same colours as the MG TC.

Unless otherwise stated, all comments refer to both the YA and YB Saloon cars, and the Tourers. Where the Tourers alone have a feature this is noted as (Y/T only). Clearly there will be many aspects which do not apply to Tourers, these are not noted as (Saloons only)

Y Type Colour Schemes Top

Y Saloon

Y/T Tourer

YB Saloon

The table below shows all the body and interior colours available during the production of the Y Type. These tables have been copied by permission of David Lawrence from his book Let There Be Ys. Further reproduction without permission in other publications or websites is not permitted.

Paint Formulas Top

Body Colours

This table provides a list of formulas or colour equivalents to the original colours used on the Y Type. As a recommendation, have a quart (or gallon) of paint mixed first and spray it on a large piece of sheet metal to help you decide what colour you like. Even better is to get a few quarts of paint and give your car a quick paint job before restoration to make sure you like the colour. When you are satisfied with the colour choice then you can strip all the paint off and start over. Sounds crazy, but at least you will like the results. This information has been published by various clubs and other organisations (ICI, NTG) over the years, but it must be stressed here that there is no guarantee that any of the modern shades listed below are exactly the same as those which would have appeared on MG Y Types produced between 1947 and 1953. No factory documentation as to original colour specifications or formulas has ever been found and there is still much controversy as to some of the original colour finishes on these cars. Where these formulas are available (click on the underlined word in a colour chip to bring up the PPG Industries formula) these have been provided in good faith and are to the best of our knowledge as correct as any other source can be given the lapse of time and lack of definitive information available. Please note that these formulations are correct at the time of issue. Formulations do change from time to time in line with changes in technology. For the very latest up to date colour information please go to www.nexaautocolor.co.uk and access the Online Colour tool or alternatively contact PPG'S Colour Support helpline on +44(0)1449 778585.

If you are having difficulty obtaining help from your supplier to get the correct paint and need the formulas, a good contact is Nexa Autocolor. Their website address is www.nexaautocolor.com. You may need to register some details with them, but they have been very helpful. Always quote the ICI code number above.

Hex Holdings (www.hex.co.uk, email loughborough@hex.co.uk, telephone +44 (0)1509 505011.) can also supply most of these colours in aerosols, either 2-pack or cellulose form. One Aerosol will cost £10.26* (*all prices quoted as at September 2006) including VAT (£8.73 without). Each aerosol contains 400ml. Delivery which will be by courier. Most MG colours will be available, all we need is an original MG/ Rover code. The cellulose that we mix is ICI Belco product and is becoming harder to obtain due to the new UK Government legislation. Most solvent based paints will be discontinued by the end of 2006.

Note: The colours shown in this table are approximate. Due to the nature of each computer display and the limits of the colour pallet of your system, there may be a large difference between these colours and the actual production colours. The colour references are believed to be correct, however, before purchasing your chosen colour you should check colour codes with your chosen manufacturer. The International MG Y Type Register cannot accept any responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided above and it is only intended as a guide.

Note:Apparently MG did not have strict formulas or consistent suppliers for their finishes, so even during the production of the Y Type there would be large discrepancies between cars of the same colour. The cars were also not documented with their colour on an ID plate. This practice did not start until the MG TF model in late 1953.

Note: CKD cars were delivered with primer only. This was also available as an orderable option so any paint colour is original on one of these cars.

Note:The exterior piping (cord filled fabric material between sheet metal parts) colour matched the body paint colour.

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