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Reprinted Articles

A miscellany of Buyers Guides can be located at the Buyer's Guide page.

On this page we will bring you reproductions of magazine articles that you may have missed the first time around.  In most instances, we will have already obtained permission from the original publishers, in others we are trying to locate the publishers for permission. If you are a publisher visiting this page, and you come across an article for which we have not been able to obtain permission yet, firstly our apologies, and secondly please contact the the Webmaster to advise us as to whom we need to contact to obtain the necessary permissions: it is not our intention to avoid publishing copyrights. This library page is indexed in chronological order: as a result, a new article may appear anywhere in the table below and not just at the end!  However, it will be visibly marked with the new coffee bean.

If you know of other articles which have not been reproduced elsewhere please contact the Webmaster on the above link giving full details of the publication. If it is not readily available to us please also indicate if you would be prepared to send us your copy (which will be returned to you if requested).


By inclusion of the article on this site, the International MG Y Type Register does not necessarily agree with, nor endorse any of the contents of an article as to correctness or accuracy. All views are those of the original author and original publisher only and not necessarily those of the International MG Y Type Register. They are reproduced here without correction or alteration.

getacroAll files are in PDF Format for which you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you have not got this installed on your PC you can download it free here.


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