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Over the years there has not, seemingly, been very much for the Y enthusiast to collect. On this page we hope to bring to your attention some of the items you can look out for and add to your collection. If you have something that is not currently featured here and would like to add it to this gallery, please contact me via our Contact Us page and ask me to contact you for a picture. We have changed our email contact procedures in order to prevent spammers so apologies for any inconvenience.

A useful book to get hold of is Michael Ellman-Brown's book called "The complete guide to MG COLLECTIBLES" ISBN 1-870979-87-7. Although it is not available through this site, it can be obtained from most good bookstores. Some, but by no means all, of the items shown are featured in his book. Others are even rarer. Start looking and collecting, and send in your little gems.

Unless otherwise mentioned, these are from Paul Barrow's collection. Please send in your contributions to add to this page. Also highly desirable as collectors pieces are sales brochures published by the MG Car Company Limited for the MG Y Type. Some of these are available to view on the Brochures page.

All hyperlinks are valid at the time the link was published. If you find that the link is now broken and you have a current website address, please contact me via our Contact Us page with the new information and I will update the page.



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