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Y 1366 - the Reinholt and Christé
Special Bodied Y Switzerland


In 1948, Mr. Emil Frey imported three MG Y A chassis and Reinbolt and Christé gave them very distinctive bodies. Today, only one is known to have survived (although the other two may have too). They were each painted different colours, being Dark Blue, Maroon, and Dark Green with beige upholstery. The Dark Blue one was spotted at a car show in Switzerland by Anton Piller who took and supplied these photographs for us. This car is Y 1366.


A rare detailed look at the Reinholt and Christé Y 1366 of Mr. E Kengelbacher of Switzerland.

y136603 y136604 y136605 y136606
y136607 y136612 y136608 y136627
y136615 y136616 y136617 y136623
y136624 y136625 y136626 y136628
y136629 y136630 y136613
y136614 y136618 y136609 y136619
y136611 y136610 y136620 y136631
y136621 y136632 y136633
y136634 y136635 y136636 y136637