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Since its launch the website mgytypes.org has received an overwhelmingly positive response from the MG Y-Type community worldwide, and we would like to thank everyone for their kind comments and support. This page lists three ways in which you can support the site - any help will be very gratefully received!

1. Make a Donation

mgytypes.org is an entirely non-profit venture run by volunteers. Financially much of the costs associated with running the site, obtaining original material (such as original magazines for reprinting articles, adverts and snippets) has historically been absorbed personally by Paul Barrow, however, several members have ventured that they would like to make a donation to support the website and the work we do, and so we have incorporated a facility to donate an amount of your choice below. We cannot stress enough that mgytypes.org will remain a non-profit website, and that any donations received will be ploughed back into services and offers to benefit MG Y Type owners, for example subsidising the cost of casting small parts for the MG YT and other parts, purchasing original copies of magazines for the Reprinted Articles, Snippets and Buyers' Guide pages.

Click "Donate" below to support the work of the International MG Y Type Register and www.mgytypes.org website

2. Spread the Word

Help us spread the word amongst the MG Y Type community by telling a fellow MG Y Type owners and fans about mgytypes.org so that they may also benefit from what the site has to offer. It's easy to spread the word: just supply your name and email address on the "virtual postcard" below, the name and email address of the MG Y Type owner or fan you wish to tell, add a short personalised comment for them (ideally telling them how great the website is!) and answer the anti-spam question (to prove you are a genuine real live MG enthusiast), then hit Send.

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Privacy Policy: None of the information you supply will be used in any way other than to send the "Tell a Friend" email and is not retained by us or any other system.

3. Do you run a website? Help us by linking to mgytypes.org

If you have a personal, hobby or vendor website, you can help mgytypes.org by linking to us to funnel more visitors our way. For your convenience, below we have listed an example of a piece of HTML code which you can use to link to mgytypes.org. Thanks in advance!

Thank you once again! Paul Barrow for the IMGYTR and mgytypes.org