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Reprinted Brochures and Price_Lists

Sales brochures, have, over many years been a buyer's "first introduction" to a model. Through the passage of time, and the changing ownership, you may not have had such a privilege. These brochures offer an amazing insight into a bygone era, of cloth caps, pipes and tweed jackets, when advertising standards were practically non-existent, and where (like the advertisements) artistic licence was more the order of the day. If you have a different brochure style that is not currently featured here and would like to add it to this gallery, please contact me via our Contact Us page and ask me to contact you for a picture. We have changed our email contact procedures in order to prevent spammers so apologies for any inconvenience.

As some of these brochures are bigger than A3 (when opened out fully), they have been reduced to 1/4 size to speed downloading.



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