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'Where is my old Y now?'
or Lost Ys

MG Y Types on the move

From time to time we have been asked by former owners "Where is their old Y now?".  The best source of reference is often the chassis number, however most people only remember the number/(licence) plate of a car, which can of course be changed if the car "emigrates" or acquires a new number.  This is part of the reason we ask for so much information when you Register your Y with us.  For a variety of reasons, not least the fact that we are governed by the UK Data Protection Act and highly respect the confidentiality of Y owners, it is not our policy to pass on any personal information of a Y owner to a third party.  However, we can offer the facility of passing on requests from searchers to current owners (if known to us) and then leave it up to them to contact the searcher.  In cases where we do not know, we will feature these request on this page in the hopes that a visitor may spot the car and possibly know something about it.

If you would like to post your request - please email  us by contacting the Webmaster here.  If you have a picture, please attach a copy.