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Our Range of books on CD Top

Our chosen market niche vehicles are the MG Y, Y/T and YB range and the MG ZA, ZB and ZBV range.


We began by producing the book "Let there be Ys" in electronic form, then realized that other products would be required to complete the MG Y bookcase. It was a natural follow on to produce manual CDs for the MG Magnette range. Following a request we also looked into the provision of certain small parts for the MG YT that are unique to the MG YT and unavailable from other vendors. We are now also able to offer the correct screen mounted rear view mirror stem, and also the inner door handles for the MG YT to complete your restoration to the correct specification.


Initially formed to provide an electronic reprint of the definitive book Let there be Ys, which has been out of print since early 2000, this reprint includes the previously published Supplement I and the previous unpublished Supplement II.


It soon became apparent that we should also provide a CD for the earlier publication MG Y-Type Saloons and Tourers by John Lawson.  John not only readily agreed to us republishing his original text, but also provided an updated text that he was about to publish prior to the release of Let there be Ys.  Foulis Publishing also agreed to us providing a copy of Part I of Wheelspin Abroad provided it was free, so this is provided as a Bonus track.  John also agreed for the inclusion of his Alternate Parts List for the MG Y Type too.


About this time, a supplier began selling low quality CDs with a scanned copy of some of the manuals for the MG Y, but not a comprehensive range by any measure.  Each manual was on an individual CD and the files were composed of images so were not text searchable.  We decided to enlarge our range to incorporate a large number of original manuals.


Some MG Magnette Series Z owners heard about our plans and asked for our scope to be enlarged to include these cars too.

Our Book Products Top

Our CDs are fully compatible with Microsoft Windows® Operating Systems up to and including Windows 7®. Please note that a MAC version is not available at this time. The CDs are menu driven and come with a viewer to enable the books and manuals to be read.  Each book or manual uses the book marking system for easy navigation in addition to the entire file being able to be searched for any word as they are totally text sensitive.  Finally, we realise that as you work on your car for maintenance  or restoration purposes, we know that you will want to print off either individual pages or a range of pages, so this has been built in to the product too.


Small parts for MG YT and Y Top

MG YT Inner door handles

MG YT door grab handles and mirror stems

We are pleased to offer the following small parts for the MG YT that are otherwise unavailable. The rear view mirror for the MG YT should be hung from the top rail of the windscreen so as to provide full view over the rear seats. Although the mirror itself is the same as the MG TD, the TD uses as dash mounted frame as there are no rear seats. The MG YT should also have two grab handles on the inner door to facilitate closure of the door. These are frequently lost during restoration or the originals (owing to the original material) have become dull and pitted. Both the mirror and the door handles are made from Whyte Bronze, a mix of Tin, Antimony, Copper and Silver in decreasing order. This is harder than the normal pewter and contains a higher percentage of copper for additional strength.

MG YT Rear View Mirror stem

MG Y Turn Signal Control Ring

MG Y, YB and YT (when fitted with a steering wheel mounted controller) door grab handles and mirror stems

Made as an exact replica of the original part, this Turn Signal Control ring is often broken when the unit is either seized or removed to service the mechanism. These are supplied in plain white so that you can colour match it to your horn push bakelite. This is easily done with an aerosol.

MG Y, YB and YT Pedal Shaft end covers

All the parts necessary to replace the pedal shaft cover and protect the pedal shaft from road dirt contamination. A fitting guide can be down loaded here.

Pedal Shaft Cover
Pedal Shaft Cover

Pedal Shaft Cover
Fixing kit

Pedal Shaft Cover

About Us Top

YZ Publications is a incorporated in Washington, USA to bring you exclusive electronic books on CD and small parts for the MG YT. Our Washington UBI is 602 099 048. Local Taxes may be imposed and collected in the recipient's country or state which are beyond our power to control. Correct valuation of the goods, as required under International Law will be shown on Customs documentation where required.


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