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Y Type Hot Rods
Brazil Brazil and UK UK


Recently coming to light is this very worthy and interesting MG Y Type hot rod.  Located in Brazil, this car belongs to Aldemir Humberto and he has kindly provided us with the following information on the car, along with the two photographs below:




Marca MG Make MG
Modelo Y Model Y
Ano 1948 Year of manufacture 1948
Origem Inglaterra (UK) Country of origin Inglaterra (UK)
Motor 4cc / 151S / 2500cc / Chevrolet Engine 4cc / 151S / 2500cc / Chevrolet
Caixa Automática (Automatic) Gearbox Automática (Automatic)
Cambio B&M Drive Train? B&M
Suspensão Dian Opala (encurtada 195mm) Front Suspension? Opala (Shortened195mm)
Suspensão Trás Original acrescida de estabilizado (?) Rear Suspension? Original but now with stabiliser
Diferencial Opala (encurtado 200mm) Differential Opala (Shortened 200mm)
Rodas Dian 14" x 6" Front Wheels 14" x 6"
Rodas Trás 14" x 8" Rear Wheels 14" x 8"


A Selection of photographs from Aldemir's website showing the restoration of the hot rod.

brazilhot5 brazilhot6 brazilhot7 brazilhot11
brazilhot8 brazilhot9 brazilhot10 brazilhot2
brazilhot13 brazilhot4 brazilhot3
brazilhot14 brazilhot15 brazilhot16 brazilhot17
brazilhot18 brazilhot19 brazilhot20 brazilhot21
brazilhot22 brazilhot23 brazilhot24


Also, a long while ago the late Bill Atkinson passed over to the Register these photographs of this UK Y Type under going conversion to a hot rod too.  Sadly, unlike the Brazilian car, we have no details of the owner or current whereabouts of this car.  However, we would love to hear from the owners and get more information if possible!  Of interest though is that if you compare the number plates, this car may be the one featured in the August 2003 Picture of the Month sent in by Ken Jones as although the licence plate is hard to make out, it could be PYC 138! A check for the licence plate PYC 138 on an MG failed to yiled any positive record on the DVLA website in the UK so it is probable that this car has now been scrapped.


UK MG Y Type Hot Rod 1


UK MG Y Type Hot Rod 2


August 2003 - Picture of the Month