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Original Bolts and Positions

This has to be the most esoteric of all the pages. Here you will find a list of the bolts (fasteners) of the MGTD by type and position. I will tell you exactly what bolt went where, by head type, logo, thread, length, washer types, and other details. I will also tell you which way the head and nut were positioned if possible. Bolts are grouped by location. Due to the complexity and variance of this task, this will be an evolving list, needing as much feedback as you can provide me.

This list has been compiled with significant contributions from Bruce Cunha, Gordon Clark, Aaron Jacobs and others.

Note: All the chassis bolts and screws larger than 3/16" diameter are British Standard Fine (BSF). Smaller screws are BA, with 2BA being the most common. Carburetors used 2BA and 4BA threaded bolts and nuts. There is one uncommon "Whitworth" bolt (BSW) on the generator adjustment bracket.

Note: Only bolts that are visible from the exterior will be covered. The exception is under the bonnet.

Note: The finish listed is the most common. Often wing bolts were the body color or sometimes black. Chassis bolts were almost always painted black during production. Engine/transmission bolts were most likely sprayed red after final assembly. Many like to use CAD plated bolts naturaly to showcase them or to allow for an easier and less damaging impact in case (probably) the item needs to be removed or adjusted.

Note: If two items are put together by a bolt, the bolt will be included in the item that the bolt head is on.

Note:Bolt logo's are from my car and TD24060. Other cars may vary and the factory used a number of suppliers.

The following is the key for the washers:

S Spring washer
F Flat Washer
FW Fender Washer
FIN Finish Washer
FB Floorboard Washer

Note:The finish washers used on the MGT Series cars were straight sided and not rounded as are often sold today. See pictures.

Body and Wings

Front Splash Pan

Front Wings

Light Arm

Running Boards


Rear Wings

Rear Splash Pan

Body Bucket and Doors




Seat Hardware



Spare Tire Rack and Fuel Tank

Front Suspension

Rear Suspension

Front Chassis

Mid Chassis



Wheels and Brakes



This list compiled with the help of Dave DuBois.

Note: The engine and transmission are French Standard Metric (NOT ISO Metric), with Whitworth heads:5 x 0.75 mm, 6 x 1.0 mm, 8 x 1.0 mm, 10 x 1.5 mm and 12 x 1.5 mm. reflecting their being built in the Hotchkiss Machine Gun Factory.

Note: See the pages on engine fasteners for more details.

Rear Differential and Driveshaft

Note: Late TDs and TFs rear axles have Unified Threads instead of BSF, these are the same as ANF (American National Fine or SAE threads).


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