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Here are covers for some period MGTD related magazines. Click on the subject titles below to view a MGTD related period report that appeared in these publications. You can find much more of the MGTD related contents in the Period Reports and Advertisements sections. Click the image for a larger view.

Auto Speed and Sport July 1952
Tuning Your MG
Painting Your MG
just for You

April, 1951 issue of Road and Track
MG Road Test

Motorsport April 1953
Arnolt Car

Road and Track magazine of February, 1953

MG Road Test (MG TD and Mark II)
35,000 MG Miles

Motor Manual


1951 True's Automobile Yearbook

Motoring - November 1950

Motoring - July 1953

Motoring - September 1953

Motoring - July 1952

Per Niek Herwegh: As a Morris/Wolseley/Riley or MG owner/driver, you could become a member of this magazine. It started originally as "the Morris Owner" but changed its title first to "A New Outlook on Motoring" and since the early fifties simply as "Motoring". It had articles on all aspects of family life, travelling and of course on (Nuffield) cars. But it was also the official magazine of both Riley and MG Car Clubs. Later the MG Car Club had its own magazine called "Safety Fast". "Motoring" survived well into the BLMC era...

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