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The Original MG TD Midget

Restoration Tips

Generally this website is dedicated to the originality of the MGTD and does not cover how to's or techniques. However in some cases I feel the need to provide information in order to help preserve the originality of the car where it might seem easier just to replace an item with a less than original part. These pages contain such information.

Installing the Carpeting as Original

This page describes the carpets for the MGTD/TF which includes detailed installation instructions and snap placement.

Repairing the Lower Seat Padding

On this page I will demonstrate how to repair the padding on your lower seat cushions even though the rubber foam may have deteriorated significantly. The technique will restore the height and firmness of your cushions for just a few dollars and the use of common tools.

Fitting the Bonnet

One of the more problematic areas for MGTD owners is in fitting the bonnet. The procedure is actually quite straight forward but must be followed precisely. This page will provide you with step by step instructions on how to achieve a tight fitting bonnet.

Running Board Strips

This guide will help you prepare your running boards for resurfacing and also in reinstalling both the metal tracks and rubber strips as original.

3D Printing

These pages contain information on how to 3D print various MGTD parts for your car.

Gimp on the MGTD Rear Floor

Installing gimp on the rear floor of the MGTD, by Bruce Cunha.

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