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Contemporary MGTF Photos

A collection of contemporary pictures of MGTF's. Select each image for a larger view.

Photo Credits

  1. Matthew Magilton: in an Observed Section Trial at Mt Macedon
  2. Matthew Magilton: a shot taken in South Australia showing his wife Imogene and his trailer on our way to the Perth National Meeting.
  3. Art Mafli's TF
  4. Colin Stafford and TF
  5. Matthew Magilton in the outback
  6. Jeff Payne in 2000 Historic Bridgehampton rally.
  7. 2000 Historic Bridgehampton rally TF's; Jeff Payne
  8. 2002 Historic Bridgehampton rally TF; Jeff Payne
  9. Colin Taylor, AU
  10. David Cates, USA
  11. Dennis Rainey, USA
  12. Guy Reynolds, CA
  13. Jim Carrol, USA
  14. John Lambie, AU
  15. John Thomas, UK
  16. Rod McLeod, USA
  17. Wayne Styles, Tasmania
  18. Unknown

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