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The Original MG TD Midget


In this section we delve deep into what was original on the MGTF. First and foremost is a detailed list of the finishes of the TF, by color and type. Matthew has provided a detailed description of the MGTF for restorers and judges. Next we dive into those pesky little details that are easily overlooked and sometimes so hard to get right. The firewall layout is provided here also. Finally, we take a look at an original set of tools. Most original MGTF owners discarded these immediately due to the fact that they were next to worthless. We also provide information on how you can create your own original type tool roll. A guide to MG wiring code colours is provided by Barrie Jones.


This section covers the finishes of the MGTF in type, material, and colors.

The TF in Detail

A guide for restorers and concours judges by Matthew Magilton.

Nitty Details

The following items are the hardest to achieve for a person who is trying to create an absolutely original car. In a Concours d'Elegance these would be the items that could differentiate two winning cars. Some of these items will most likely be impossible to achieve but they are interesting goals to pursue if you want the ultimate in originality.

Decoding VIN Numbers

The decoding of the TF VIN number.

Firewall Layout

This page contains a diagram of the layout of the MGTF firewall. Includes item placement and blank wholes as original.

Plates, Etchings, Emblems and Decals

If your TF, like most others, has been refinished a number of times some of the little details may have been lost. In fact you may not even know they exist unless you have compared your car to another. The details I refer to in this section are found in the form of plates, etchings, emblems and decals. These decals and etchings were part of plates from the MG Car Company or their suppliers. Some of these are available as replacement parts and offer good substitutes. Many of these parts are not available or perhaps just need to be restored.


This page describes the carpets for the MGTD/TF which includes detailed installation instructions and snap placement.

MGTF Seat Re-Upholstering and Interior Re-Trimming

A step by step guide to re-upholstering the MGTF seats.

Original MGTF Tools

In these pages we share with you a set of original MGTF tools. These tools were provided in a tool roll and were stored in a special tool box on the firewall. As noted in the Operation Manual, not all tools were provided at the time of sale due to supply constraints.

The MG TD/TF Wiring Looms

These pages contain detailed information about the wiring looms used in the MGTD and MGTF. The first section, from Barrie Jones, contains information about the wiring color codes used inside the harnesses. The second section, from Bruce Sharman of Bygone Spares and Restorations, describes the loom outer coverings or sheath in great detail. The last section deals with battery cables with information provided by Rob Grantham, Australia.

MGTF Chassis Diagram

Edited by Lonnie Cook from the TF Lube Chart

MGTD/TF Parts with Dates

These pages list all of the know parts on an MGTD/TF that have date stamps. In general MG kept a supply of parts on hand with lead times as much as four months or more. Generally you can expect most parts to have a manufacture date at least one month and likely two to three months prior to your manufacture date.

MGTF Top Hose

The original top hose on the MGTF radiator was rubber with a stockinette like finish. The fabric wrapped the hose tightly (see picture). These hoses are no longer availble in this finish but this web page will walk you through the process of finishing a modern rubber top hose with the sockinette detail.

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