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Original MGTF Tools

In these pages we share with you a set of original MGTF tools. These tools were provided in a tool roll and were stored in a special tool box on the firewall. As noted in the Operation Manual, not all tools were provided at the time of sale due to supply constraints.

If you don't want to create your own tool roll, or if you need tools, you may want to check out these reproduction kits at The In-Point. Tool Roll and Tools
List of tools from the Operation Manual

Tools listed in the Operation Manual. They seemed to have forgotten the lug nut wrench (or is it the wheel brace?).

Tool roll as described below

Tool roll as described below

Grease Gun
Original grease gun that was supplied with MGTF's. The rear brass cap is stamped "ENOTS No.1.H. Made in England" and was plated in nickel silver . The body was blackened or "blued" like a firearm.

Lockheed Brake Bleeder
Not part of the original toolkit but certainly a needed period component of an MGTF toolkit.

Ring-type tappet spanner
Wheel brace
Ring spanner for cylinder head nuts (1250 cc only?)*
Tappet feeler gauge (.012 - .30mm)
¾ lb. hammer
Pair of pliers
Grease gun
Tool roll
Adjustable spanner (monkey wrench)
Two tyre levers
Tyre valve spanner
Distributor feeler and screwdriver
Tyre pump
Set of box spanners and tommy bar (3)
Set of open spanners (3)
Jack handle
Wheel brace - lug nut wrench (disk wheels)
Hand starter crank (stored in luggage boot back)
Lockheed brake bleeder tube
Knock off hammer (wire wheels)

*This item may only be on earlier cars and is not listed in the tools. Some TF owners report having one though. It was supplied in the MGTD toolkits.

The Tool Roll

I have seen a number of tool rolls for T-Series MG's. The one that we can identify as being original to the MGTF was made of a black tar like covered burlap (hessian). The burlap was brown in color and the covering (outside) resembled a soft pliable fender undercoating.

Tool roll dimensions

Finished dimensions of an original MGTF tool roll.

Order of Tools in Roll

I am not sure about the original order of the tools in the tool roll but this is the order that my tools fit in the pockets the best. From left to right:

  1. Set of box spanners and tommy bar
  2. Set of open spanners
  3. Two tire levers
  4. Screwdriver
  5. ¾ lb. hammer
  6. Ring-type tappet spanner, Adjustable spanner (monkey wrench)
  7. Ring spanner for cylinder head nuts, Pair of pliers
  8. Pouch - Distributor feeler and screwdriver, tire spanner, and tappet feeler gauge (.019 or .012)

The wheel brace, jack, jack handles, tire pump, lug nut wrench, knock off hammer and grease gun were loose in the tool box along with the tool roll. The crank was of course attached to the seat back with clips.

Grease Guns used in MG Toolkits

by Matthew Magilton

Over the years I have been collecting information on MG toolkits and scouring the swap meets for these tools, particularly the grease guns. Below is a list that may assist owners to find the right gun for their car. I would welcome advice from owners who have an original toolkit gun which is not on this list. I am also looking for old Tecalemit and Enots catalogues.

Grease Guns
  1. "Tecalemit 65 Made in England" Wooden handle. This appears in both the the P Type and N Type instruction manual toolkit illustrations (retouched photographs). This "large" grease gun is also accompanied by a "small" grease gun which I have yet to find.
  2. "Enots pattern 1D" Made by Stone (Enots spelt backwards) Note the extra barrel seam at the nose end and the silver finish on the barrel. Patent numbers are stamped on the nose cone. Missing the nozzle cover. This appears in the TA & TB Service Parts List and the SA Spare Parts List as retouched different photographs. Later 1D's had the same appearance as the 1H and these may have found their way into some TD toolkits (see 1H below).
  3. "Tecalemit Plastigun" (Type LJ, Cat No 2750) made from bakerlite. This appears in the TC Service Parts List, the TC Instruction Manual and the Series Y (YA) Owners Handbook as retouched photographs. The nozzle was normally larger than on this one and the shaft shorter. Described as an "Oil Gun" in the TC Instruction Manual.
  4. "Tecalemit Cat No GC 3000" This appears as a drawn illustration in the YB Owners Handbook and a rare version of the TD Owners Handbook, soon replaced with a filling description, presumably when this type of gun changed to another type. Also used in many other Nuffield Organisation vehicles.
  5. "Tecalemit Cat No GC 3020" These were used in Jaguar and Austin Healey toolkits although I have not yet found any reference to use in MG toolkits. This one is very similar to its bigger brother GC 3021 which has a blue plastic disc inlaid into the handle.
  6. "Enots pattern 1H" Believed to have been used in TD's, TF's and early MGA's. Made by Benton and Stone of Birmingham who are listed as the manufacturer in both the TF and TF 1500 Operation Manuals. Note the blued finish on the barrel and the often missing nozzle cover.
  7. Tecalemit "Cat No GB 2787" Believed to have been used in some MGA's. Very similar to its bigger brother GB 2788.
  8. "Tecalemit Cat No GB 2802" This has blue metallic paint with a hammerite finish. Believed to have been used in some MGA's, particularly the Twin Cams. Note the rubber nozzle cover, this has the Tecalemit logo on the end.

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