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The Original MG TD Midget

Myths, Tips and FAQs

The Myths, Tips and FAQs section is where we tell all the secrets of the TF that we know about. We start by dispelling as many myths of the MGTF that we can. Next we discuss common mistakes that restorers make in trying to create as an original MGTF as possible. We also include a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) department. In this section we have listed popular questions that we have received over the years about the MGTF. Lastly we share with you some of the tips and techniques that we have gathered from many sources over the years in restoring MGT's. While generally non technical, you may find some of these points valuable to you in your restoration efforts.


In this section we attempt to dispel as many myths as we know about in regard to the MGTF. If you can think of any others, please let us know.

Common Mistakes and Misconceptions

There are many things that are done to MGTF's by their owners who would have not done so if they only knew a little more about what was done originally. Not to say that any of these items are wrong to do individually, but we just want to set the record straight for those that may not know and are interested.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section contains some common questions that I have received over the years about the MGTD/TF that may not have been covered elsewhere in this site. As I receive questions that I think are generally appropriate I will post them here and/or enhance the content of a related page.

Please also refer to a very complete FAQ on MGTFs at MG T Series FAQ's.

Tips and Techniques

From Chris's TD pages. These pages contain some tips and techniques that I have found useful over the years to help preserve and restore my MGTD. This is the closest this website will come to technical information.

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