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MGTF Top Hose

Provided by Frank Cronin TF 1414

The original top hose on the MGTF radiator was rubber with a stockinette like finish. The fabric wrapped the hose tightly (see picture). These hoses are no longer availble in this finish but this web page will walk you through the process of finishing a modern rubber top hose with the sockinette detail.

Materials needed:

  1. Radiator top hose $13.99 from Moss
  2. Rolling pin cover / sock. $2.99 Bed Bath & Beyond. Perfect diameter to get a nice stretch.
  3. Permatex Ultra Black silicone gasket maker $5.97 from Walmart
  4. Disposable gloves (gets messy)
  5. Two elastic bands
  6. Mini -torch or lighter
  7. Rust-Oleum High Heat flat black paint $8.78 Home Depot

Install the rolling pin cover on to the full length of radiator hose and clip off the excess but leave a few inches on each end for ease of handling.

Roll back one side of the sock just a little bit half way so you can apply the Permatex. Wipe an even layer but not too thick with your finger tip on the hose.

Roll back the rolling pin cover on to the hose. Take note of the stitching (lengthwise) to make sure everything is nice and straight and not a “wavy”.

Install elastic band between the bellow.

Repeat on other side and let completely dry overnight. Picture below is at this step.

After a complete cure, remove the elastic bands and put on another set of gloves. What’s next is the important part. What you want to do is just get a small dab of Permatex (no globs) on the tip of your finger and dab repeatedly to the sock. Less is more in this instance. The goal here is to saturate the fibers of the cotton with the Permatex. DO NOT WIPE unless you like how my first one on the top of this thread came out. It will fill in the cross stitching and ruin the “stockinet” look. Squirt some Permatex on a piece of scrap card board and keep on dabbing gradually filling in the fibers to impregnate the Permatex. Patience and alternating fingers to tap on / dab on helps prevent overfill of the stitching.

Let dry overnight.

From all the dabbing the cotton fibers have lifted and you will see some unsightly fuzz balls / lint. This is where the flame comes in. I used a mini torch to “singe” the lint to make everything nice and flat.

I then used some high temperature paint to help fill in any areas where you see some white still in the cotton. Apply just a light mist holding the spray can 12” inches away to just fill in the white areas of the rolling pin cover not treated with the Permetex. Over spraying or being too close will also fill in the fibers of the stitching.

Allow time to completely dry.

Trim both ends and you’re done!

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