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Restoration of TF5979

My name is Brian Smith and I live in British Columbia, Canada. I am restoring TF5979. This car has been in dry storage for many years and only has 42000 miles on it. The "official" story is that it was in a collection in Oklahoma and then sold to Texas prior to someone from Vancouver BC purchasing it and driving it back to BC. It then sat in storage from 1980 until I purchased it and stored it in my shop for the last 8 years. I am just now (summer of 2013) getting around to restoring it as it was last in line after restoring an MGB GT and my MGTD.

Note: Obviously there have been some modifications to these cars since they were produced in the interest of keeping them running. You will notice for example that some of the flexible fuel and oil lines, battery, fan belts, spark plug wires, and radiator hoses were replaced. Compare these pictures to other unrestored cars on these pages.


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