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Unrestored TF6793

TF6793 is a very original unrestored MGTF. It is an early TF1500 made in the week of January 9th of 1955 and sports disc wheels, which is unusual for a TF1500, due to it's early build date. Later TF1500's almost exclusively sported wire wheels. At the time of these pictures the car only had about 21000 original miles and has been stored exclusively inside for it's entire life according to its limited ownership.

It's uncertain when the car was first sold but was documented by a family member to be purchased in late 1955 from Matthews Brothers in Red Bank, NJ USA. It was moved to the west coast in Oregon early in it's life and then was transfered back east again after the death of it's original owner. The car was sold outside of the family around 2004 and was for sale again in 2016 and then again in late 2020. The car was listed for $68,000 in an earlier sale but I have no idea how much it actually sold for. It has accumulated less than 500 miles since it's 2004 sale.

Note: There are a few admitted modifications to the car we will try to illustrate but in general the car is fairly untouched. Look for our comments on slides with the selectable icon. You will have to decide yourself how much this car represents what came from the factory. Also note it is well documented that the factory processes were not uniform during the production of the T series cars so what you see in this car may not be appropriate for all cars or necessarily one near its production number. In addition to Chris Couper, Matthew Magilton, Rob Grantham and Frank Cronin contributed to these notes.

Note: Obviously there have been some modifications to these cars since they were produced in the interest of keeping them running. You will notice for example that some of the flexible fuel and oil lines, battery, fan belts, spark plug wires, and radiator hoses were replaced. Compare these pictures to other unrestored cars on these pages.

Read the comments at the bottom of this page from one of the original owners family members.

Exterior Pictures

Interior Pictures

Engine Compartment Pictures

Chassis and Underside Pictures

Miscellaneous Pictures

Comments from an Original Family Member

1955 MG-TF

In April 2004 I sold a 1955 MG-TF (VIN: HDB46/6793) to xxx. At that time, the mileage was 20,600 miles. The following reminiscence is what I know about the history of this wonderful car.

In the fall of 1955, my aunt, yyy of Freehold, NJ, bought this MG, which was new at that time, from a dealer in Red Bank, NJ. The car was grey with a red interior, a color combination it has maintained throughout its life. My aunt had been interested in MGs for quite some time before that, and had a 1953 TD which had been wrecked in an accident. Fortunately nothing like this accident would befall the new 1955 TF. It has never had an accident or any more than one or two minor events affecting the condition of the body.

From fall 1955 the TF stayed in Freehold, NJ and was kept in a large barn on my aunt's farm. When I got my driver's license in 1961, the MG spent summers with me at my family's home in Morristown, NJ, since my aunt was kind enough to share her MG with me. I had developed a great fondness for these stylish little cars, and it was a real treat for me to have the MG to run around in. It joined a garage full of antique Fords and another MG, a TC now long gone.

In 1963 my aunt remarried and moved to central Oregon, taking the MG-TF with her. During her years in the high desert of Oregon the MG was kept in an airplane hangar, and at this time it was driven very little. Forty years in the dry climate of this area resulted in the unusually well-preserved condition of the car, especially its wooden parts.

In 1992 my aunt died and I inherited her treasured MG. I had it moved to Williamsburg by a car service and it went into a climate controlled garage for storage, although I am sure even this garage did not have the extremely low humidity of the earlier Oregon desert environment. Part of the condition of the MG comes from the fact that during the time it was owned by my aunt and by me it never spent a night outdoors. The importance of the Oregon years, however, cannot be overestimated when considering the excellent condition of the car.

Much as I loved and still love the MG, and happy as I was to have it at first, it became clear to me that I was not the right person to own it in its classic years, when it needed experienced attention and care. Other family members wanted the car, but I told them that if they did not agree on who should have it, I would sell it to someone outside the family. When they did not agree, and unpleasantness arose, I sold the MG to zzz. I am sure he is exactly the right person to own and care for this special little car.

Signed by the owner

March 2005

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