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Unrestored TF8541

TF8541 is a MG Red TF 1500 with approximately 43,000 miles on the odometer at the time of this writing.

Please read the comments from Frank Cronin below who is the photographer that took the pictures on this page.

Note: Obviously there have been some modifications to these cars since they were produced in the interest of keeping them running. You will notice for example that some of the flexible fuel and oil lines, battery, fan belts, spark plug wires, and radiator hoses were replaced. Compare these pictures to other unrestored cars on these pages.

Note: There are often what appear to be duplicate images in the catalog. These are all unique images and may have been taken back to back but focus or lightening may be slightly different so we retained all of the images taken. We tried to group the photographs by subject area for your convenience.

Exterior Pictures

Interior / Softgoods Pictures

Engine Compartment Pictures

Chassis and Underside Pictures

Miscellaneous Pictures

Comments from Frank Cronin

I met Dick Little the owner of this beautiful survivor at the GOF Lebanon, NH 2018.

Dick has owned the car since 1978. This car still has the original Factory hood and sidescreens. The hood over time has shrunk and is very tight and brittle. Dick keeps the hood up fearing it will crumble apart. He drives his TA to satisfy his need for spirited driving with the top down.

This car still has the factory Dunlop spare tire, tool roll, and Karvel carpet which are often replaced during the life of the car. An after market heater which was a dealer add on is installed. Dick has also installed a Lucas 576 lamp and badge bar.

This car is very similar to TF9052, with more miles on the clock and use.

Pictures help substantiate under the bonnet that screws and bolt heads, Simmonds Aero nuts, P clips to the wiring, nail heads to the bonnet rest rubber, straps holding the water temperature line on the stay tube were all hand painted either body color or black.

Great thanks to Mr Little for sharing his car for all T Series enthusiasts seeking originality for research and restoration purposes.

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