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Press Release

From Phil Steed's website





A restyled body with a more idealised shape, increased power output, and detail modifications to improve comfort and accessibility are among the many outstanding features of the new M.G. TF Midget announced by The Nuffield Organisation today.

The alterations were carried out after careful research in world markets, especially in the United States where 25,000 M.G. Midgets have been sold since 1946.

A cross section of consumer-dealer opinions showed that eighty per cent of M.G. owners do not want their cars for competition or racing, but do demand a high performance capability combined with durability and traditionally smooth riding.

The engine is basically the same efficient, reliable 1250 c.c. unit, but the power output has been increased to 57.5 b.h.p. at 5,500 r.p.m. It is, in fact, the Mk. II engine formerly offered as an alternative in the T.D. model. This has been achieved by raising the compression ratio to 8:1 and using twin S.U. carburettors of 1½" diameter with enlarged inlet ports. Extra large valves (inlet 36 m.m. exhaust 34 m.m.) are fitted with 150 lb. valve springs to enable engine speeds up to 6,000 r.p.m. to be attained without valve bounce.

The radiator, retaining the distinctive appearance of the marque, curves back to meet the downward. slope of the bonnet and the front wings have been reshaped to shroud the headlamps. The bonnet sides are now fixed valances and the centre-hinged top is opened easily and quickly by two push buttons on either side.

The 12 gallon petrol tank, with quick release filler cap, has also been reshaped to bring it lower and this greatly contributes to the new over-all line of the car.

A map-reading light is included in the instruments now grouped in the centre of the facia panel - on either side of which is an open glove box - and the electric drive motor for the twin-blade windscreen wiper is concealed beneath the scuttle. Direction indicators are now fitted, with the switch on the facia.

This model is available either with steel disc wheels or with knock-on wire wheels at a moderate additional cost. Optional extras include badge bar, fog lamp and luggage carrier, which may be obtained through M.G. retailers.

The 'T.F." is available in black with red, green or biscuit upholstery, M.G. red with red or biscuit upholstery, green with green or biscuit upholstery and ivory with red or green upholstery.

With the compliments of The Nuffield Organisation,

Central Publicity Department, Cowley, Oxford

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