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Noted Exceptions to Production Data

MGTF's were one of the first cars manufactured by BMC. The documentation kept during production was better than the earlier cars, but was still incomplete and limited. In addition most of that docuementation was destroyed when MG ceased production or even before, as it was assumed not to be of value. The information quoted in the production section is the best there is available but cannot be considered absolute. There may have been exceptions to this data. In this section I offer you reported deviations to what is generally accepted as a production fact. These elements are generally unsubstantiated by any known factory data although some attempt has been made to ensure that they are true by myself or the reporting party. You decide for yourself if these deviations are factory originated or just a normal modification of that particular cars history. If you would like to include your own observation to this table then please contact me here with the details. Try to supply the information that is outlined in the table for completeness.

Exception Car
Seats tilt forward Seats are secured to floorboards front and back 9432 & 9882 The seat tracks in the back are held down to the floorboard with woodscrews and washers. To tilt the seat you are required to slide the seat forward exposing the back of the track and remove the washers and screws.
Moulded rubber cover on tranmission tunnel sits loose on top Moulded rubber cover between sheet metal and asbestos pad 9432 Owner discovered this when removing transmission to replace clutch. Said that the asbestos pad was well shaped by the underlying moulded rubber cover and there were no additional tack holes in floorboars that would indicate prior removal.
All TFs prior to car number 7252 did not have TF-1500 hood badges. Early TF 1500 has TF-1500 hood badges TF6631 The production of TFs were not sequenced by car number, but by color, so there could be exceptions.

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