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Tubular Manifolds

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Tubular Exhaust Manifolds

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Factory V8

Erich Hovley

View of the inner fender showing where a portion of the fender has been cut away to make room for the exhaust manifold. A patch panel needs to be fabricated to cover the hole:

Curtis Jacobson

These photos show a set of home-made sand-bent try-y header for my Buick engined '71 MGBGT. One advantage of try-y headers is that they should be less prone to cracking since there is a slip joint at the lower collectors that lets the metal "move" a little. These headers are mild steel. When I got done with them I took them to a local shop and had them chromed. To make a simple, clean dual exhaust system, we welded tubular pass-thrus in the frame outrunners that are located just forward of the seats. We fabricated a new seat mounting system that also provides pocketed locations for the mufflers. The pipes stop just forward of the rear wheel arches.

Mike Cook

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Fitting a V8 engine into an MGB

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