Mazda MX5

Mazda MX5Mazda MX5Mazda MX5

Servicing & MOT

Standard service intervals are every 12,500 miles, however as many cars may be doing a low annual mileage we recommend at least a basic service annually. We can advise on other items during the service check over. For example it is easy to overlook items like brake fluid, which should really be changed every two years. Services start at £120.

Rust Protection

Although well built the MX5 is particularly prone to rusting where the rear wings meet the sills and around the rear wheelarches. It is well worth treating these areas with waxoyle cavity wax to avoid or delay more expensive body repairs later on, particularly as the bodyshells don't come with much rust protection as standard. With trim removed the box sections can be accessed without needing to drill new holes.

Please phone/email for other MX5 Services.