Restoration & Bodywork


1. Sill replacement

Replace outer sill, diaphragm (inner sill), castle rail, jacking point reinforcer, chassis outrigger, jacking point and sill end filler, including removal & refitment of original front wing and removal of light rust from stepsill plus anti-rust painting of inner sections.

Fitment of quarter/ half/ full rear wing - see items 4, 9 & 10 below
Refinishing & spraying - see item 5. below.

Labour & parts: £1125.00

Sill replacement
Sill replacement

2. New front wing

Additional labour to fit new front wing after sill replaced - £65.00
Fit new wing without sill work MGBGT - £250.00
  MGB - £380.00
Wing panel (original) £615.00
Transfer Light(s) Labour £65.00

3. Stepsill

Repair front section of stepsill (small) - Labour & materials: £80
Replace front 3/4 of stepsill - Labour & parts: £230.00

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4. Lower half wing

Replace lower half rear wing, including derusting & anti-rust priming inner arch. (See item 5. for spraying cost.) Labour & parts: £480.00

The new arch with protective paint also applied to the vulnerable sill

Sill replacement

Sill replacement

Additional cost to replace outer half of inner arch Labour & parts: £220.00

5. Spraying

Refinish & respray sill & lower half rear wing (minimum spraying required for sill replacement with quarter rear wing) Labour & materials: £490.00
Refinish & respray sill & rear wing up to top beading (required if lower half rear wing replaced also) Labour & materials: £595.00
Refinish & respray new front wing Labour & materials: £550.00

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6. Doors

Replace door complete, including adjusting, spraying & transfering trim, glass. Labour & parts: £1265.00

7. Bonnet

Replace bonnet & respray, including new under bonnet sound deadening. Labour & parts: £910.00

8. Beading (GT only)

Replace rear wing beading strip. (The minimum cost to refinish & respray this item is £500.00) Labour & parts: £370.00

Sill replacement
MGB bodywork repairs underway

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9. Quarter rear wing

Replace quarter rear wing only. (The minimum cost to refinish & respray this item is £390.00) Labour & parts: £230.00

10. Full rear wing

Replace full rear wing. (Minimum spraying cost £500.00)
Labour: £395.00
Additional labour & parts for lead filling on chrome bumper models. £120.00
Rear wing MGB £545.00
Rear wing BGT £545.00
B post (not now included with wing) £60.00
Labour to fit above £120.00

11. Tailgate (MGB GT)

Fit new tailgate, refinish & spray, transfer glass, lock, badges, interior trim.Includes new main glass seal. (note additional refinishing time included due to poor pressing quality of replacement panels) Labour & parts: £1290.00

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12. Re-shell with Heritage shell

When it comes to re-shelling an MGB a wide range of options are available. Please call to discuss these, but as a guide prices typically start from around £35000.

Two new Heritage shelled MGBs under construction
Two new Heritage shelled MGBs under construction

Notes: VAT to be added to all prices. Prices correct @ 21/01/2020. MGOC/MGCC discount available on panels. Above labour figures include normal de-rusting of hidden panels - any additional welding will be advised and charged as required & agreed.

For any additional information please contact Stuart at LMG on 020-8303-4811

Restoration/bodywork examples

Body-off restoration of a TR5
Body-off restoration of a TR5

Stunning MGB nearing completion
Stunning MGB nearing completion

1979 Special edition LE MGB Roadster
1979 Special edition LE MGB Roadster, converted by us to chrome bumper spec with Special Tuning front spoiler & lowered suspension

Chrome bumper MGB cornering
You won't believe what this looked like before! Find out

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