Servicing & MOT

We offer the following service menu as a guide.

1. 'A' Service - (basic) lubrication every 1500 or 3000 miles

Labour £66.00
Parts etc £7.40

An MGB GT V8 undergoing routine servicing

2. 'B' Service - (intermediate) lubrication & oil every 3000 or 6000 miles

All 'A' service work plus Engine flush, oil and filter change. Top up washers, master cylinders, anti-freeze & check tyre pressures

Labour £90.75
'A' Service parts £7.40
B.P. Flushing oil £11.75
Unipart 20/50w Engine oil £19.25
Anti Drain Oil filter £3.55

3. 'C' Service - (main) lubrication,oil & adjustments every 6000 miles

All 'A' & 'B' service work plus Dedust & adjust rear brakes & handbrake. Adjust plugs, points, minor carb. adjustments, check ignition timing, distributor advance curve. Set CO & HC levels. Check top up levels inc. gearbox, axle, dashpots as necessary. Visual check of lights, wipers/washers, front pads etc. Set tyre pressures. Check anti-freeze strength etc.

Labour £151.25
'A' & 'B' Service parts £41.95
Fluids & Top ups £10.30

4. 'D' Service - (full) Lubrication, oil & replacement every 12,000 miles

All 'A' to 'C' service work plus Full tune incl. change air filters, points, plugs etc, adjust tappets, carbs, ignition timing, check ignition advance, re-tension bob weight springs as necessary, set choke & throttle mechanism, set CO & HC levels. Replace gearbox oil, clean or replace O.D.filter. Replace axle oil. Remove brake drums & brake shoes, check & lube handbrake levers, adjuster, return springs, pivot points. Adjust handbrake, bleed brakes & replace brake fluid. Check brake operation & balance on brake rollers. Carry out full pre-MOT inspection.

Labour £206.25
'A' to 'C' Service parts £52.25
Parts (typically)
Air Filters £8.52
Anti-freeze £12.90
Points £4.10
Condenser £3.96
Distributor cap £5.74
Bob weight springs £8.46 (addiontional labour item)
Rotor arm £6.39
Spark plugs £10.80
Rocker gasket £1.85
Fuel filter £2.95
Sump plug washer £0.22
Radiator cap £3.95
Cooling flush £4.35 (additional labour item)
Rocker box seals £1.26
Overdrive filter £5.37 (additional labour item)
Gearbox oil £13.75
Axle oil EP 80/890 £22.60

Notes: Totals include VAT. Prices correct @ 27/02/2012. MGOC/MGCC discount not included.


We offer FREE pre M.O.T. inspections.