The service your MGF/TF's will require depends upon the mileage covered from new. As a typical guide to what is done the checklist for the 24,000 & 48,000 mile service can be viewed here


Prices for ICME scheduled services start at £118. Phone or email to book in.

Discs & Pads replacement

There are various options available when replacing front discs and pads:

1.Fit alternative discs & pads£167.28
2.Fit Girling discs & pads£209.80
3.Fit 6 slot discs & Girling pads£229.30
4.Fit 6 slot discs & EBC pads£233.92
5.Fit original equipment discs & pads£291.98

Sometimes extra labour may be required if the disc retaining screw is seized and requires drilling & re-tapping. Phone or email to book in.

Suspension & Tyres

Suspension height setting - hydrogas pump up service £115 inc vat
Tyres supply & fit from £113 per wheel
Phone or email to book in.

MGF/TF's underbody protection

We have noticed that early MGF/TF's can be starting to show signs of wear & tear underneath. The paint on chassis subframes can chip and weaken on edges allowing water to get to the metal underneath, and the water pipes running to the engine from the front radiator are also vulnerable. To maintain the value of your F and avoid more expense in the long term we can give it a free underbody healthcheck (you are welcome to have a look also), and if necessary repaint or waxoyle those hidden away at-risk sections. Phone or email to book in.

MGF/TF's rear window

Foggy or split rear window? ...These can be replaced in our workshops at a cost of £285 including parts, labour & vat. Phone or email to book in.

Other F services

  • MOT
  • Club windstop fitting service

Phone or email to book in.