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Entries 251 - 300

Name: Joe Guttridge

Entry No 256

Country: United Kingdome

Date: Sun, Jan 7 2018 09:11


I hope to find Y data.

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Name: Clive Dickinson

Entry No 255

Country: Australia

Date: Sat, Feb 28 2017 13:02


I have just added my two Y,s to the site. One was nearly completed 18 years ago with modifications and has been sitting idle, the other is a total resto which we just pullled out of storage today to have body work done . I have all parts and motor g/box but will need a new steering wheel and time ! Looking forward to an interesting paint job . Love this site. My first Y and first car was a YT restored while a first year student. Last I knew it was in Ballarat. Yes, I sold it. Before that I bought B and stored the Y . Live and hope to learn.

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Name: L Chidgey

Entry No 254

Country: Australia

Date: Sat, Oct 29 2016 21:41


Great place to find out about my newly acquired MG-Y sedan. Thanks.

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Name: Nayak Sandheep

Entry No 253

Country: India

Date: Wed, Dec 9 2015 23:09


I have started to restore a mg yt . Its a wonderful car. Having fun to restore it.

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Name: Keith Buckley

Entry No 252

Country: UK

Date: Thu, Nov 27 2015 00:25


Hi I am now the proud owner of YB0251 the very first YB. The register is a great place to find information. The car is now undergoing a body off restoration so I will be visiting the site on a regular basis for information and help. I had the pleasure of talking to Gilbert Vickers today who had owned the car since the early seventies and promised to update him on the progress of the restoration. I also thanked him for preserving the car to date without him it would have be lost for ever.

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Name: Thomas Webb

Entry No 251

Country: U.S.A

Date: Fri, Nov 20 2015 11:54


I am the new owner of YB 0973, which is unfortunately in a bit of a mess at the moment - yet I fully intend to restore her to former glory as time and funds permit. So happy to have found The Register, and looking forward to communicating with those similarly afflicted! Cheers from across the pond. Thomas J. Webb, II.

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